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  1. Do you know whether there is any deadline by which the Universities have to reply to me?
  2. So guys, now that we go our results, how do we know whether we've been accepted. When do these Universities actually get our results? Thanks Oliver And just to be sure, I am talking about UK unis.
  3. Thanks for your reply, and what does remarking mean?
  4. Hi, so I messed up on my IB exams by 2 points. My requirement was to get 27 IB points. And I got 25. The thing is, I have already paid by 250 pound deposit for my room and my offer for accommodation is complete. So I just want to know your opinion and your experiences of missing 2 points away from your IB requirements.. Please Share. Thanks -Oliver
  5. On thursday I have the paper 2 for spanish ab inition. And I was wondering, after the question. In the dotted lines is every word being counted. Because for example, when Im writting a card, im writting who is it from/to and the date and stuff... does that still count toward the word count? I;ll appreciate the help guys...thnx
  6. Hi guys... SO Im basically not sure of all requirements of passing the IB. I only know about the 24 point rule and passing cas, tok and ee. What are the other ones? Be cool and answer. I'll appreciate the help. Good luck with exams. (for the ones that still have them)
  7. And btw man...How did you get the 11.6% and 12.4% and 14%? .
  8. WTF?? This kid is a genius...... I can see your not taking math studies AHhahhaha thnx man I appreciate the help alot.!
  9. Ok. GUys soo I dont know why but one of the admins must've taken down my post about this before,...but yahh... So my question is ...if I get a 2 for both of the exams for Math Studies...and get a 5 on my IA is it possible that it would get me a 4? Thanks. your replies will be appreciated.
  10. Guys. Ok .. I messed up on paper 1 and im gonna mess up on paper 2. Im probably gonna get a 3. for both papers. if not even a 2 :/ . On Math STUDIES. But I got a 5 on my IA.. you think that can put me to a 5 in anyway? THanks. ill appreciate the responses.
  11. Hi, So I think overall I did well in my Internal assesements. And I would like to know, how much does that help me.... I mean im aiming for all 5s and I;ve been thinking...how do you calculate how much you need to get a 5 in the exam..considering your grades in the IA. I hope you know what I mean. Thanks, be cool kids and answer this question.
  12. I didnt ask whats gonna be on the test. I asked which topics of the syllabus are covered in paper 1. Just like in economics paper 1s are only about micro and macro....
  13. What are the different topics that are going to be on paper 1 and 2???? do you guys know??
  14. Whats up??!1 So yah...for ess paper 1 and 2. Are there any specific topics that are in paper 1 and some other specific topics that are in paper 2.?? Cuz right now im studying the whole book for paper 1. which is tommorow. Help me out, Ill appreciate it . thank you.
  15. oK..look i can;t decide on my topic..so could anyone suggest some easy topics for me? THats all i need.... thnx...
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