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  1. Cant share tips on French Abintio. I always get a 4
  2. Could you guys help me for french ab intio. I having the same trouble
  3. I thought that first, however if i drop maths hl then I will have to take English HL which I am much worse than Maths. My school will offer me Film Hl which I have no inclination towards. However my graph in Maths Hl is rising. !!! I plan to Economics which requires a Maths Hl atleast in the UK. Also my friend who plans to do Engineering is asked to drop Maths Hl and take Business at the Higher Level. So you see me and my friends are being pressurized to drop it.
  4. Hey Guys, I need your help. My school is forcing me to drop me from Maths Hl to Maths Sl as I my avg is less than 50%. These guys are putting all types of pressure to change my decision to SL. Is it possible. Guys I need your views.
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