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  1. 34 overall. I'm so annoyed with my results that I can't really do anything >< I missed 6s in History and French by 2 marks and a 7 in Lithuanian by 1... This is just simply devastating ><
  2. So, if you choose French, you still have to go to English A2 classes? If so, this is really strange. Well, my school gives us a bilingual diploma, so for us there is no need to take IELTS (even though, English is a second language for us). By the way, I doubt that your French classes will count as CAS, since it will be a part of your curriculum. As for, your final exam choice, if you're going to take IELTS either way, I'd say take French.
  3. I think that if you already have a B2 level in French, then it wouldn't be hard for you to pass and most probably get a decent grade in French B SL exam. But it gets tricky if you have no English classes and want to study in UK since some unis might ask a certain grade from English. Though, maybe if you had IELTS that wouldn't be a problem. Anyways, I think you should find out what are the requirements in the universities you are applying to. If they're ok, that you have taken no English classes than I would suggest you take French B. However, i think it would be safer to take English A2.
  4. I'm going to apply to Korean and Chinese at SOAS.
  5. Hi! The university I want to apply says that entry requirements are 6/6/6 from HL subjects. Sadly, I think that my predicted grades will be 5/6/7. Will they at least consider my application or will they simply reject it because the grades are too low? Is there any possibility that they would give me a conditional offer if they like everything else?? Or should I not even try to apply? Any answers will be much appreciated, so thanks in advance.
  6. Hi everyone Since this Autumn I'll be sending my applications to universities, I think that summer is the best time to decide where I want to apply. So, I was wondering maybe someone is studying Chinese and knows which universities are considered the best in teaching Chinese? Right now I'm thinking about University of Edinburgh and SOAS (School of Oriental and African Sciences) since I think they are pretty good or to be more exact, amazing . But that's just my opinion, so if you're studying Chinese/Asian studies (since I'm not sure which East Asian language I want to study) at these two univ
  7. Can't you take English SL? I think that diploma would give you more credit, since in IB, every part of curriculum, including CAS, TOK, EE and SLs, is equally important (or at least, this is how ibo imagines it to be ).
  8. But if you cannot compare systems in the cities then what is it left for you? Since the basic idea is that the Roman Empire and the Emperor is the reflection of Russia and its rulers.
  9. Hi guys It's time for me to write my world literature essay but I'm a bit worried that the topic I've chosen is too narrow. I've chosen to write from M. Bulgakov's Master and Margarita because I just loved this book. The research question sounds something like this "Why Woland is portrayed as a positive character and what it gives to the novel?" Does the question sound good or should I change it? I really want to write a good essay so any kind of help would be appreciated
  10. Hi! Maybe someone could give me a list of historians, who wrote about the Vienna Congress/Congress System and Italian and German Unification?
  11. If you don't like reading and analyzing literature English a2, which now became English A: language and literature is definitely not for you. Otherwise, you can take it
  12. Thanks a lot for this amazing summarry. It is really clear and easy to understand, but I want to make sure that I understood the part of data presentation correctly. Data presentation is about how I present collected data and data processing, right? For example, when I give a graph, which shows percentage of plasmolysed cells (which falls into a data processing category), it is already data presentation, isn't it?
  13. Hello everyone! I have a question about admission to Yale/Harvard/other Ivy League uni. Do these universities require that a student would have all 7 in his/her HL predicts? I understand that there are more chances that a person will be admiited to these colleges with all 7 in his predicts but can I apply if I have less than 7 in my HL predicts?
  14. I think that it would be useful too, but unfortunately, my school offers only French, German and Spanish languages
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