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  1. np man, thanks and GL in your first year ! Thank you!
  2. PCM HL ?!?!?! |RESPECT|
  3. yeah yeah! take Five readings so as to minimise the error... and idk bout the trials and graph cause I just started IB1 and earlier I was in another board which was VERY different. But I think you can makegraphs also rgarding it.. its there in thefirst chapter of tsokos.. phew! idk man, this is what we've done at school so far..
  4. What bout finding the area of a wooden block ? or Area of cross section and volume of a sphere ? or area of a cylinder ? Hope this helps
  5. How's ITGS ? I'm sorry I'm entering Ib1 this year.. Our seniors say ITGS is like **** easyy...
  6. Ahh, soheartening to see some people who are actually in the range of 4'9, 4'10, 4'11, 5, 5'2, 5'3.. I always feel sooo bad bout my height but its so good to know there are people who are short! I'm 4'11 or 5 or 5'1. Sighs.
  7. Okay err, see, BB- Its got BBM!Its very student friendly cause a LOT of free stuff once your BBm is activated..Butnot THAT good for apps such as playing games and even sharing pictures emails etc. you even have apps like whatsapp for free!! iPhone - Its an internet phone! You need to have a good data plan or wifi connectivity otherwise its pretty useless, although you can have offline apps but not much variety you know..And the worst part, MOST OF THE GOOD ONES ARE PAID!! ANd then there is that thing where iPhones are SUPER sensitive! urghh hate that, Even after jailbreaking, you have to ge
  8. MUN is my life!! it is such an intense experience but an AMAZING experience that everyone should experience!! sooo anyone who is interested we are planning our MUN, just give me your school name and ill send and invitation as soon as possible!! AMity GLobal School, Sector-46, Gurgaon, India Lol, if at all you guys are doing international schools as well.. =P
  9. But its like fromthisyear 'round I B even wants proof foryour CAS includingallthat you made/ reflection forms/ pictures of you doingthetask/activity But our seniors faked it cause that timethey didn't have this rule.. IDEAS --> DJ, Dance, Art Classes, Photography Classes, learning a nwinstrument, Horse Riding, Programming, Designing, candlemaking, soap making, cooking classes, singing classes, etc. The list is endless! Think of all thepossibilities.. I'msureyou'll figureoutsomething!
  10. Err, For isssues with global importance, I think you can like work with theUN, Red Cross, etc. type international organisations..? Ok idk much, Just gave my 10th grade and moved to my board to IB.. We just had like 2 weeks of presentations and briefs bout all thesubjects and requiremnts in ib and how it works.. I'm sorry I'm still new to this.. IB1, scared!! ANyhow, I hope helped ? PS - Please let me know once you someone gives you amore reliable andappropriate answer ? Yeah ? Thank you so much!!
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