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  1. How do I take the A level courses? In Sweden, they don't offer A level courses unfortunately. Could you please explain a little further? This seems interesting!
  2. Hey guys! I just finished my IB programme waiting for the results that arrive in July. I am taking a gap year to travel and just chill before I continue studying again, then I want to study mechanical engineering in Scotland (Edinburgh, Aberdeen or Glasgow). All engineering programmes require that the student has studied physics and maths HL but the thing is I did not take maths HL, only SL and I did not take physics at all. What should I do? I really want to become an engineer! Can I take independent physics/maths courses to apply for the universities? I live in Sweden and yes one can take in
  3. Hey guys! What do they mean with the third question/statement? "On a new set of axes, draw your model function and the original graph. Comment on any differences. Discuss the limitations of your model. Refine your model if necessary." The original graph is of data points only? How in the world can I comment any differences when there isnt even a function I can compare mine with (found algebraically)! And what are the limitations of a linear function? How do I refine my model? Just change the values?? Thanks for helping me!!!!
  4. Hey guys! I need help with my Math IA that is due on Monday.. three days left.. I have some questions to ask: On the Gold medal heights there is a questions/statements: "Use technology to find another function that models the data. On a new set of axes, draw both your model functions. Comment on any differences Discuss the limitations of your model. Refine your model if necessary.." What do they mean by comment on any differences? On the original graph and the one I have obtained algebraically? The thing is that the "original graph" were only the data points without a function modelling it..
  5. Hey Guys! How in the world do I structure the essay? I cant find any templates for EE. Thanks in advanced!!
  6. Hey guys! I am so desperate after help for my EE in English B!! I am reading an autobiography called Shame by Jasvinder Sanghera. It is about how she refuses to being married off to a man by her parents. Her mother is really strict when it comes to the family's reputation. One day Jasvinder runs away with her boyfriend and they eventually start up a new life together. Jasvinder does not regret running away, but she still wants to be apart of the family, but her parents and sisters freezes her out from the family, because they think her escape has ruined the reputation of the family. She has n
  7. Hi! I just simply wonder if my research question for my written commentary is specific enough? Does the leadership of the managers affect the motivation among employees at company X? thanks!!!! :-)
  8. Hey guys! I have a new EE subject. I want to compare two non-fiction books, specifically a child called it and perhaps a book (in my language) about a girl and prostitution and then compare the two books. So the comparison will be that Dave Pelzer in the first book did not choose to being used by someone else, but the girl in the second book has a choice, and she chooses to actually let men take advantage of her. I don't have a research question yet, but do you guys think the idea is okay? And if you have any opinions, please let me know!
  9. Hey guys! Do you think it is a good idea to write about the acidity in fruits for my extended essay? I was thinking like: How does the pH level change depending on the ripening of apples compared to bananas? I am not very good at formulating research questions (as you can see) lol.. but is the idea okay? Thanks in advance!
  10. 713u

    Chem EE?

    Hey guys! Im new here on IBSurvival! I really want to write my EE on chemistry since it interests me! But the problem is, I don't even know where to start, finding out what to write about, what kind of lab I want to do etc. Please if anyone has suggestion, I would be grateful to consider them! My teacher hasn't really helped me and the first draft is supposed to be handed in right after the summer, and I want to do experiments, therefore must complete them before the summer and start writing during. I don't have a lot of time to finish it (I think, lol) so I would me pleased if you could help
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