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  1. This probably differs between schools, but plenty of my classmates changed their subjects after they started the IB (some even changed almost a year into the course)! Just talk to the people in charge, and you'll most likely find a solution
  2. This answer is very late, but.... I think that I would choose the time we are in now, because it might be easier to find information about accents in our time than in the 1800's!
  3. I would maybe go for an opinion column for the Disney-topic, then you can discuss the topic a bit more freely than if it is (for example) a newspaper article. It is also easy to include everyday-examples (maybe from the "columnist's" own life?) and include humour. Another option is to write a critical letter to the makers of a certain Disney movie where you critisize them for being racist/sexist. What you can do is that you choose three or four text types that you feel confident about and try to write the first/two first paragraphs of the text (then you could also try out both topics) to see w
  4. Maybe something about how religion is presented in the book and why it is presented in that way (what effect does it have on the story etc.)?
  5. Are you writing it on Part 1/Part 2? Because then you can also write about the way language is used, for example in a speech or in an advertisement. You don't have to write about a variety of English, but of course you can do that if you want to! I wrote my first WT1 on propaganda used in the "Kony 2012"-video, if that is of any help!
  6. I know that Mathematics HL is pretty hard, at least. A lot of the people in my class dropped out of SL and changed to Studies because they thought it was too hard. I think it might be even more difficult online, but if you are really good at math, enjoy math and have good self-discipline, I would say go for it! I also have some people in my class who have taken psychology online, and I think they are quite pleased with that. I do not know if it is the same type of course you will take, but they have an online teacher and stuff, so it seems like a pretty good replacement when there is no teache
  7. Thank you! And I have, I will compare these because the difference between them are very apparent (and important) in the novel and affects the main character; her behaviour and her decisions.
  8. Do you need SL Mathematics for what you want to study at University (this can differ from university to university)? If not, I would advice you to switch to Studies. It is not worth it to spend a lot of your time struggling with SL (and still getting a low grade) if you will not need it in the future! A lot of the people in my class switched from SL to Studies because they found it too difficult (and didn't really need it anyway). Hope this helped
  9. Hello! I am going to write my first written task 2 very soon and was hoping I could get some advice. I have decided to write about Purple Hibiscus by Chimamanda Ngozi Adichie, which is one of the works we have studied and the one I liked the most. I am thinking about doing question 3) How and why is a social group represented in a particular way? Here I could discuss how the social group of Kambili (the main character), which is rich and catholic, compares to the social group of her Grandfather and Aunt, which is more focused on the old Gods of Nigeria and are not very rich. Do you think this
  10. I really liked Purple Hibiscus by Chimamanda Ngozi Adichie!
  11. My subjects: English A1 HL Norwegian A1 HL (compulsory) Computer Science HL Mathematical Studies SL Psychology SL Chemistry SL I am very excited for all my subjects except chemistry... Science is not my thing.
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