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  1. Once you've contacted your IB Coordinator, relax. They are not going to withhold your diploma just because of a careless mistake like that. It'll be a minor inconvenience for them to fix it, but's that's probably all. This makes me feel much better. I hope you're right. I think I can breathe long enough to study for history.. Thank you.
  2. My IB coordinator told me she was going to call them. Thank you!
  3. On my exams, I did not properly mark my answers. Instead of marking them in the box, I numbered the questions on the same line of the answer, for example: [_ _] 1. Blah blah blah. Does this mean my exams aren't going to be scored? I know the answer booklets are scanned and then sent to the readers. I emailed ibanswers ([email protected]) and they told me to inform my IB coordinator, but she has already sent them off. I am freaking out about this. On the bright side I think I did really well on my psychology and English 😄 though that makes me feel worse because I don't think they will be scored and
  4. I am not allowed to stop completely, but okay. Thank you.
  5. Here are my CAS hours. Are my Action and Service too far ahead of my Creativity hours?
  6. So much better than mine. Thank you guys! Y'all are life savors. Cheers to all
  7. How did the Second Great Awakening led to the change in the American asylums in the Victorian Era?
  8. How did the Second Great Awakening lead to change in asylums?
  9. That's brilliant! Thank you greatly.
  10. I have to have my question formed by Friday. I was wondering if y'all could help me. I want to do Asylums in the Victorian Era. My teacher approved that. I was not sure where I should go from that. If it was history, could it be: To what extent has the treatment of people with disorders in the Victorian Era changed? OR I was thinking of a psychology-based topic, but I'm not sure what it could be. I mean I want to read about the treatments (like lobotomy) on the patients but I don't see how to make a question out of it..can someone please help me?
  11. I dislike coffee, thus I don't drink a lot of it. I do drink soda a lot. I can survive on two weeks of three hours of sleep a night. Now I have a day (Sunday) when I can sleep all I want and no one can bother me. My health seems to be normal, though I have received a cold four times this year so far. I guess my immune system is weaker than it was. I am stressed a lot, especially with my IOP Tuesday that I just started. The majority of my friends are in the IB so we stay up talking. My school is very segregated in some aspects. The IB kids don't have any classes with the normal kids so we
  12. For my Group 4 project, we just did research on genetic engineering. My teacher only said to do research.
  13. Lake Weir High School in Florida, USA. I will be graduating (hopefully) in 2014
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