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  1. Hi guys! I'm doing my EE in Geography, and I'm almost done with the work, but still there are some issues that worry me. My topic is "To what extent can the construction of a shopping mall affect the development of a district?" - do you think it is narrow enough? My geography teacher says the topic is great, but she's somehow retarded and never gives any kind of negative feedback, so her advice is most of the time useless. Do you guys think such a topic has a chance of getting an A? Also, I am worried about the type of data. My EE is mostly based on primary data - statistics, mappings, etc. I
  2. Hey, I'm writing my EE on geography as well and I'd say that your first topic is better. Because, hey, how can you investigate Kuala Lumpur? Focus on the city that you know well and show it! Also, besides surveys, you can ask the city governance for some maps or yearbooks to see how the city has been changing over the course of time. Good luck!
  3. Personally, I dont understand those claiming not to have social life. I enjoy partying hard and staying out late, and my grades are all 5's and 6's. I don't spend much time studying, but I do a lot of extracurricular work and this is what overwhelms me sometimes. The IB life isn't easy, though; I don't see much sun on weekdays and I haven't been shopping for three months now - I'm getting seriously mentally sick because of it
  4. Hey nerds I'm doing physics sl since September and I'm starting to get a bit worried about my teacher's methods. He does not do anything that is not included in the textbook (the Tsokos one). This means, we do not get any additional examples nor exercises. In fact, the whole lesson is about translating what's written in the book and/or doing homework in class (ridiculous!). Because of that, I would like to ask you for some advice. I am considering switching to biology sl, but I'm afraid I would never catch up - it's three moths since the school year has started. Moreover, is biology really ea
  5. Hey guys, I couldn't really fing that anywhere... What is the difference between English A2 and English B? In my school, we have to do English A2, but all of my classmates say it's way too hard and we want to switch it to English B, but... No one really knows how A2 is different from B. Can you help us a little bit?
  6. Salut! Tu peux lire "Le Petit Prince" par Antoine de Saint-Exupéry. C'est un petit roman qu'est très intéressant et trop facile de lire. Si tu veux, tu pouvais lire "Les Jeux Sont Faits" par Sartre, mais ce texte est un peu difficile de comprendre, mais pas impossible. "Le Petit Prince", c'est TROP facile. Mais moi, j'adore Sartre! Ses romans ne sont pas trop difficiles a lire, mais assez compliques pour apprendre des nouveaux mots et ameliorer la langue
  7. She started in her first year of IB; she has exams in may 2013. Basically, in one year she has reached the level B1+ in french, which is a great succes
  8. My best friend had a similar problem - she has started learning french only one year ago, but she was studying quite hard. Finally, she's been in a language school in France for a month and now she's really ready to do french B HL. So, basically, it is possible to reach good proficiency in one year, but you have to make a great effort.
  9. Hm... Only because I'm pretty sure I will score 7 and that would help me get into university. Most of them don't pay that much attention to subjects, as I've heard; they just require a 777 or 776 at HL.
  10. nooooo np enjoys eating ice cream with salt and pepper [i do ]
  11. You are so wrong! Now my turn! NP eats ketchup and rides an alpaca while listening to Llama Del Rey
  12. if you REALLY feel like needing a tutor, than go for it. But your marks are great and you shoul ace the French with no special effort
  13. Thanks for replying! I know that art is important, sure, but the problem with my school is that... they don't offer visual arts and it's like the best ib school in my city, so i'm not very likely to move to another one
  14. The thing with Shakespeare is, that he's really intriguing. We don't know a lot about him and what we do know is full of paradoxes - eg. altough he wasn't very well educated, he wrote amazing, intelligent plays and poems The other thing is that the plot of his plays is not complicated, just normal romantic stuff; but those pieces are full of references to other artists' works, politics, history etc... And Shakespeare was quite funny, too; at least in 14th century
  15. Hey guys, I'd like to study advertisement at Academy of Art University in San Fransisco , but they don't really mention which subjects are required for that programme. What do you think? I've already chosen: Math SL/HL (which means I'm not sure yet ) English HL French HL Geography HL Polish HL Physics SL Do you think that's okay for studying ad?
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