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  1. Does anyone have P1 and P2 from May 2013? maybe both timezones. PS. The timezones thing is pure bull**** IMO
  2. Yeah I did it and submitted it, thanks a lot
  3. Its not that bad considering there are students who fail their mocks (at least in my school). I suggest you work on your weaker subjects just like I am doing right now. Anyway mocks aren't that big of a deal and work harder for your finals
  4. Hello, I am doing my IA on the relation between Freezing level and temperature in a week in Mahon, Menorca. I have done the Linear regression line for one of my mathematical processes but Im not sure what else to do and how. Help!
  5. Yes, I chose this subject myself and I approached it finding the similarities and differences from each other. If you have any questions PM me!
  6. I used to be in EUW, now Im EUNE. Half my school plays it, its amazing!
  7. Hello, Im a self taught candidate and I have to write my World literature (part 1) essay. I decided to write about Hamlet. Im not sure what to write about and some tips would be appreciated. Prompts What is the impact on the work of a major choice and/or decision made by the characters.In what ways do the voices and tradition present in the workWhat minor character plays the most significant roleTo what extent is the natural landscape important to the impact of this workDo you think there are some characters in the work whose chief role is to convey cultural valuesHow does the author convey th
  8. You could do how did the World war 2 affect the american culture (film, theatre, arts etc)
  9. Digimon hahahaha 1,2 and 3 season!
  10. Im not sure how accurate would that be, Im now wondering temperature and chance of precipitation and if theres a connection to the fact wether it rains or not. Opinions?
  11. Well Im supposed to pick 2 variables which are related to each other in some way so Im not sure, maybe temperature and chance of precipitation? Or temperature and the weather type?
  12. Hello, I wanted to do my IA on weather forecast but the guide says 2 variables and Im not sure how to approach this help?
  13. Hey, I finished my extended essay just recently, I have an idea for your resources but I cannot post it in public so PM me for details and if you need anything please do contact me!
  14. Well yes but for my previous one I was able to find an experiment making everything much simpler since we have not done an experiment in class about this topic
  15. Hello, For my Chemistry internal I have to do a design lab (among others) about the electrochemical cell, Im not sure where to find an experiment to help me do it. I did find one for the other design I did but I cant seem to find one for this, help?
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