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  1. I found the Tsokos and the oxford's course companion online and with my book (study guide)+ months of effort I made it!!!!! I got a 5 in physics SL im really suprised with that grade! Thanks to the books basically
  2. AB initio is the easiest course of all the IB courses! The syllabus is very simple, for those who are beginning with a new language! The assessments also are very easy! And since may 2013 the papers are more easy because you dont have to write a personal response/article/whatever they ask you in paper 1 (now is in paper 2) but this give you more time to think and check your answers in paper 1! I had a 6 on french ab initio!
  3. Those are my results... Spanish A Literature HL - 5 English B HL - 6 French AB SL - 6 History of the Americas HL - 5 Physics SL - 5 Math SL - 3 EE - C ToK - C Total: 31 I'm really happy with the results despite my grade isnt 40+, that 5 in physics really makes me happy but that C in the EE not, but whatever. I'm really proud of myself.
  4. No it is not! I've survived hahaha, yeah it got their awful things but you if organise yourself and dont let all the stuff for the last moment, you wont have problems with the IB. Your subjects seems easy! good luck!
  5. The Incredible and Sad Tale of Innocent Eréndira and her Souless Grandmother by Gabriel Garcia Marquez The metamorphosis by kafka Short story: The feather pillow by Horacio Quiorga and the decapitated chicken by horacio quiroga too
  6. back to black - beyonce's cover ft andre 3000
  7. paper 1 was SOOO easy!!! text b was the easiest!!! I have some troubles with the questions of the box of text A and with the las question of text D, didnt know the meaning of 2 of the adjectives :/ but the rest of the exam was easy paper 2 was easy too, in section A I chose the question 1, in section B I chose the question 5 I think I wrote all good with a few exceptions with words that I invented LOL like "wait" in french is "attendre" i dont know why I wrote "espere" made a combination of spanish with french In section B I made a comparison between car and bus and then I said that the bus w
  8. Holaaa the paper was pretty easy, I did the prose, I gave it a very deep interpretation about loneliness and friendship. What do u guys think what was the prose about? "Friends for the wind" (Amigos por el Viento) I talked a lot about the wind and the windows closed then opened by the power of friendship What about the poem?
  9. didnt expect exponential, I was prepared for directly proportional relation if the straight line goes trought the origin NOT an exponential
  10. I'm happy cause I felt confident with the matrices question, the probability question (sectionA, the question in section B was HORRIBLE), also felt confident about the geometric sequence, and the graph and the area between f(x) and g(x) and a few points in the rest of the questions that i do not answer completly the probability question in section B was jfdbnskdfjbndklsbnsdlrk I never understand if that s.... was a normal probability or a binomial.... FML
  11. I didnt understand the question about the intregation of the graph that they didnt gave you the fuction!!!! The exam was weird. very weird.
  12. Paper 1 Communisim in Crisis I was expecting china but then a random Polony Revolution (Gorbachev's policies) appeared, I got really nervous bc the teacher said there was 30 minuts left and I was in the middle of the question 2 OMGG!!! I totally wrote that kfnbdsklbndlksfbn faster and thank god I finished it just in time!!! Paper 2 (route 2) I answered Q1 (causes WW2) and Q25 (West-East relations) thank god those questions appeared, thats basically all I've studied in History!!
  13. In the compare and contrast question should I do this both compare and contrasts both sources in the same paragraph or in 1 paragraph I talk about one source and in other paragraph the other? what does 'pararell compare and contrast' mean?
  14. I've answered all the questions from section A and B1 I really dont know if all the answers were right haha but the fact that I've had answered all the questions makes me happy
  15. I put the word count but what if I might counted it wrong? isnt it a problem if I put the number and its other number of words that I have written?
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