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  1. Welcome to the thread, and greetings! I am Frizzy! Consider me a human, a dinosaur, or even IB student. Possibly all three at the same time. I have created this thread for a few reason. Firstly, I wanted to create a thread to help give and overview of what the IB is. Then there's the fact that today is speech day and I have nothing better to do (No chance to sit down and go full on with homework). And finally there's the fact that I let my mind wander and have found myself focussing quite a lot on kitchen utensils, specifically spoons. So I thought to myself, "What if I could describe the enti
  2. *slacks off in math class every year up until IB* *Joins IB SL maths* Never in my life has reality slapped me so hard as trigonometric waves with little former knowledge of trig.
  3. Your thoughts on the matter don't change that gut feeling one gets when faced with unfamiliar individuals; getting rid of racism completely is something that only exists in one's Utopia. As people become more familiar with different coloured individuals whom have different ethinicities, they will lose that cold and bitter feeling they once had for that race. Just like racism towards african-americans has diminished greatly in the US, any sort of racism that exists at the moment will decrease. Unfortunately, it will always exist. Prejudice is natural for humans. In fact, it's a huge factor in
  4. Building on what marf said, it's also due to competition for resources. We generally look for ourselves in others. The first thing we see is skin colour, because that's very distinguishable and easily identifiable. Humans are also scared of the unknown, change, and difference in general. As such you will be more inclined to hang around your own ethnicity due to very obvious similarities. And, as an unfortunate fact, you are also racist. So is marf. So am I! Everyone is racist to some extent, even if it's not active racism. You will still judge a person based on their skin colour. Why? Because
  5. Nothing is more fun that some good ol' HL Biology. Amazingly fascinating stuff there, and generally enjoyable.
  6. ya 7ala !! I live in Bahrain اهلين كيفك شكرا طوطططططططططططططططططططططططط هههههههه you probably need to take some tutorials gd luck with that Which school do you go to? I went to a school simply called the "Bahrain school". I go to ARKIS and baharin school is a good school btw .. Can't you talk arabic no offese but it's an arabic thread anyways ! I can not write in any Arabic and my spoken Arabic is only slightly better. I'll stop posting here now.
  7. ya 7ala !! I live in Bahrain اهلين كيفك شكرا طوطططططططططططططططططططططططط هههههههه you probably need to take some tutorials gd luck with that Which school do you go to? I went to a school simply called the "Bahrain school".
  8. Rock. (1 million times over) board/video games or sports.
  9. Semi off-topic: I regret not learning arabic when I lived in Bahrain. I only learned hi, hello, thank you, and a very large array of swear words.
  10. After quite a bit of preliminary research I discovered that the effects of caffeine can linger for up to 12 hours, depending on how resistant the person is to the drug. This presents a large number of problems, primarily how it stops me from being able to test a subject more than once a day. As such I need to space the tests out day by day AND stop them from drinking ANY caffeine for the duration of the test, else it may have an effect on the results. Good idea, I need to learn when caffeine is at its peak and base the experiment around that. I don't like the idea of alienating myself from th
  11. Thanks! Also, testing is the easiest part. I have found a very accurate program which tests reaction times without letting them "adapt" to it. To control the variables I will be using an equal number of boys and girls. I have accepted that there will be systematic error due to how everyone is affected by coffee differently, but systematic errors (so long as they are brought up) are still accepted in a laboratory environment. That and the fact that since I am averaging numerous tests of different concentrations for each subject, then averaging that with other test subjects, the results should
  12. Wow, that's way more help than I expected. Thanks! I never even thought to control drinking speed, as that may actually have an affect as well. As for the amount, I'm doing it in grams of coffee powder. 20, 40, 60, 80, then 100. Then I will do what I believe is called a "double bluff" when I will tell them the next one is 120 when it is actually decaffeinated coffee. Just in case there is a psychosomatic effect.
  13. Banned for both not caring and naming yourself after something that appears in my nightmares.
  14. Since around last month I've been having weekly half-hour discussions with my biology teacher about my EE. It is on the topic of caffeine and reaction times, the question itself being "How does the amount of caffeine effect human reaction times". I have already proven that it does have an effect through self testing. I have identified variables and controls as well as finding out how it works chemically. What I need, however, is advice. (And possibly some good sites with useful information on caffeine, that'd help too). I am pretty desperate for previous studies on a similar topic, which I hav
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