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  1. here in australia all you need is either chem or physics. bio is helpful but not a perequisite for some odd reason.
  2. well your suggestion about the illegal means suggests that its out there. i have wasted hours of my life trying to find it for no fruit. can we discuss this elsewhere? please i really need this. i am close to ripping out my hair due to the sheer difficulty of the ibid books.
  3. So basically i started using the IBID textbook. Evey question just makes me madder and madder. so many show thats with NO FREAKING EXPLANATION OF HOW TO DO THEM BEFOREHAND. AM I MEANT TO CONJURE UP THIS KNOWLEDGE OUT OF THIN AIR? http://i.imgur.com/yIY05JW.png "Show that" questions like this that have been driving me mad. So what im wondering is, where the hell am i supposed to obtain the knowledge required to do well in this subject? There is a solutions manual but it is $50 but i really was hoping that it would be possible to do well in this subject without splashing cash. Any help please?
  4. Anyone who says the IBID textbook is good can go away. The stupid author who wrote it clearly does not understand that worked solutions are essential to learning in math. the solutions manual for the 3rd edition is near unobtainable.
  5. I need the solutions manual. I am actually on the verge of killing myself due to the sheer impossibility of learning anything from that stupid textbook as i do not have the solutions manul. If anyone could please tell me where i could buy it, it would be greatly appreciated.
  6. HL Math would make things easier later on but it is by no means necessary. apart from that all good choices.
  7. Throw some command terms into your RQ. it helps.
  8. Our school has a breakfast a few months into the next school year where they give this out.
  9. pick HL math. if you pick SL then im guessing youll pick HL English? (unless you do HL language or group 3 or something, but thats not too common). And i will tell you now that HL English is just as tough as HL math. In fact, i would argue HL math is easier since you get back the effort that you put in. In English there is so much subjectivity that you can really never be sure how good your work is. and another thing, getting a 7 in SL math is far from a walk in the park, same goes for english.
  10. yeah sorry i misunderstood. i thought you didnt get an overall percentage altogether. if you got an overall grade it probably is in there. either way, taking it up here doesnt really help. you should contact the IB.
  11. diploma, i'm sure you've put in a lot of work until now. don't throw that away.
  12. I second the person who said practise. In HL Math you at least can be sure that you will get a result that reflects your effort. But in HL English, there is just so much subjectivity such that you really cant be sure.
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