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  1. kemeng: You misunderstood me, this is for the cover sheet. I am wodndering about the essay itself, you know how you add a "header" (not a title) at the top of the page in Words? Get what I mean?
  2. I thought one shouldn't write their own name on the top..
  3. What should I include at the top of the page in my essay? Just "May 2013" and my candidate number? Shouldn't I include the topic number?
  4. I used the cosine and sine rules as well as Pythagoras rule, however my teacher told me that it's not really an 'analytical approach', that I shouldn't be using geometry but instead functions. She said that she doesn't recommend me submitting my essay because she doesn't think I'll get a high grade, is this true?
  5. Is it a good idea to include a personal experience in my essay regarding this topic?
  6. We've gotten our math IA questions (and deadline) but nothing about chemistry, or biology for that matter.. When are we supposed to hand them in?
  7. Yes, I do have an experiment. I thought of having 2 factors, like frozen corn and those small carrot pieces. I will be add different solutions to them in different temperature and then I'll have 2 normal ones. I forgot to mention that I will then be investigating the microbes (micro biology) in the different tubes. Does that help clarifying where I'm going with this? I hope I'm making sense..
  8. Hi there, After months of researching into different topics, I think that I've finally come with a good one and I REALLY need to start working on it. My research question is going to be something like: 'How reliably precise is the preservation details on the packaging of frozen foods and is there any significant difference between the organic and non-organic ones?' I think it needs a bit of improvement, so my questions is: How can I improve this RQ? Thanks in advance.
  9. What you've just described is a conditional offer. Unconditional is when you apply after you find out your results and the uni accepts you without any further requirements. Oh my, now see this is exactly what IB does to you. I'm sorry for the foolish mistake that I've done.
  10. I've done some work experience in clinics and hospitals, therefore I've got papers (evidence) saying that I volunteered and so on. Don't they require such things? I mean in that case you can claim all sorts of things in your PS, right?
  11. Ah! Thank you so much, this truly helps a lot! Another question though, if you want to attach a file with the PS, is it possible to do so? Also, you are supposed to have a reference, should that person also write a letter or so? Sorry for all of these questions, but our counsellor is not much of a helper..
  12. Actually, I'm going for dentistry. Medicine is my second choice though
  13. As the deadline for sending in my application through UCAS is getting nearer (15th of Oct), I've been thinking of what to write on my personal statement. With all honesty, after spending quite some time thinking about this, I've come to the conclusion that I have NO IDEA what I want to write. Am I supposed to write about MYSELF or why I'm applying for that specific course etc. I am finding myself in a very complicated confusion right now.. Help?
  14. But if I were to compare the difference between x and y in (for instance) sugar value or so, how can I 'design' such an experiment?
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