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  1. Rap solely on the basis that you can fit in more words; hence being granted the power to fit more meaning to your piece of art.
  2. Yeah I meant Atmosphere lead rapper, Slug. I'll try Jedi Mind Tricks.
  3. Mate I would agree that it is relatively harder than SL, mostly due to having more topics but really the amount of extra topics is no way as much as people claim it is. I strongly believe that HL is overrated in the level of difficulty. Just my opinion though so...
  4. Look mate I believe one year is enough to get to know all your topics and get a 35+ in IB so I would say work constantly and give the exams in a year. If you don't procrastinate away your whole time this option will suit you great. Think over it and see whats best for your life in general, not just your IB life. Inform me of your decision and don't hesitate to pm me about anything. GL
  5. It seems to me that you have the basic understanding of SL and HL. HL math is the same main Cores (Sequences, Functions, Algebra, Logarithm, Trigonometry, Calculus and Probabalitiy) but in more depth. Physics and Chemistry HL on the other hand are more subjects mixed with depth so.... there is more depth to all HL subjects. Math HL goes into more details, especially Calculus but it really isn't hard. Good luck
  6. Yes, you must write the essay completely in French. They are both good topics but the second is a bit too broad; if you slim it down, it would be quite the valid topic to write about. Good luck to you mate in your writing, don't forget to plan ahead though!
  7. My school atm is great but I'll be moving schools in the summer and THERE IS NO PHYSICS HL. Its a school with 1500 IB students yet it DOESN'T HAVE PHYSICS HL.... shame......
  8. What's your thoughts on Slug mate?
  9. That is five cores out of the seven cores in IB so don't sweat it. I would suggest that you first take a day and go through your notes and re-familiarize yourself with the different methods and rules and so on. Then plan to solve around 50-100 questions a day for each core. This will take 5 days. Now you have 1 day left to again review your notes and put emphasis on parts that you did not understand completely. If there are any questions that you need help with, message me or open a thread in the math section and I'll be sure to help. Good luck on your exam mate
  10. Chipmunk is great. Unfortunately not many people outside of UK know about him. Rap for you is like rock for me, there needs to be a definite time and place for it or else I go mental.
  11. I don't hate lil wayne but I don't preferably like him either. Kudos to your list though... I agree watch the throne was brilliant
  12. Just my opinion but change your topic completely; your topic lacks the focus and that may be why it has even confused you yourself. Try finding a topic based on one of the ToK topics that you understand better. That way you will know what to write about and won't face the problems you are facing atm.
  13. The picture made my day Now about your topic; I would suggest that you narrow it down further. Maybe write about 'The correlation between the arrangement of the props in the play and the progression of the plot of a certain play'? Think about it and plan it before beginning though, your time will definitely be wasted if you have to rewrite it. Good luck mate
  14. As the topic Title states, tell us your favorite rapper IF you enjoy rap and the song that makes you buzzzz!! I personally am an Eminem fan and have been since 2003 (wasted many child hood days....) and would choose him as my favorite artist but would have to choose my favorite rap song from a different artist; Joe Budden's 'All of Me'. Don't know why, it is neither the best lyrically or flow but the whole mood fits me perfectly. Other artists that are great (in my opinion): - Drake - Slug - Tupac (of course) - Kendrick Lamar - Game - Fort Minor
  15. To answer your question, I've noticed that it is mostly noticed by IB students and that it is they that enjoy the humor to it. Personally I don't visit 9gag but my friends show me some of the pictures between classes. I much rather ibsurvival, even if only to browse
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