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  1. I thought paper 3 was the most beautiful paper 3 in the world. I did appeasement, Lenin and balkan nationalism = all the topics i knew the best and love the best, (especially Lenin, who I am a bit obsessed with ) Amen to the IB gods up there.
  2. everything I'm hoping for you're predicting won't be there *-*
  3. Don't skip those two topics... my teacher told us those are the two topics that get asked about the most on the exams
  4. What are haha ahh hope someone knows. its important for p3 because that determines what won't be on there tomorrow. quite easy to work out what has been on in past years and what won't be on there because it was on paper 2. just doing some predictions i forgot about p2 as well already what are your predictions?
  5. This was my plan for a question on the mocks, which I got a 15 on. It was something like "To what extent do you agree that collective security was a failure by 1939?" P1 - The mood of the age and the foundation The structure of the League of Nations veto power no army economic sanctions lacks major powers [*]The mood of the age Br + Fr not very enthusiastic about L of N, weakened due to the war USA not in the L of N Germany feels angry and resentful over the L of N, Clause 231, limits army P2 - Successes of the League of Nations: the false cover Aaland Islands Bulgaria and Greece conflict
  6. I thought paper 1 (on the League of Nations) was a gift too I was practically crying from happiness because I was so scared it would be on something like Mandates or some tiny treaty like St. Germain or something So I think I did pretty good on paper 1 Paper 2, I chose the question on assessing the causes (ideology, economic factors, treaties) of WWII, which I thought went pretty good However, for the second question I couldn't decide whether to do a question on Weimar, or the use of force in a totalitarian state, and eventually I chose the totalitarian state due to my love for Lenin, but
  7. So? How was it for you guys? Which questions did you guys do for paper 2 and what do you think overall?
  8. that would be useful for me too, but my exams is in 4 hours.. so I don't think this can do much
  9. because paper 1 is much easier to get +17 points on I assume. After all, a lot of points are comprehension really. I've never gotten anything lower than a 20 on paper 1. Its much harder to write a good essay in paper 2 in my opinion. Well, my teacher is really big on historiography but I didn't include a single historian on any of my essays in my mocks, and I still got a 7. So I guess it doesn't really matter.
  10. do you guys think I'm putting myself at too much of a risk if I don't study the Cold War? I don't know anything about it so I don't really see a point in starting now :-S
  11. Do you know anything about the causes of the Cold War? I know absolutely nothing on that topic T___T
  12. krissi_p0oh

    History exam...?

    Paper 1 is a Document Paper. It is on one prescribed topic. For example, mine is on Peacemaking and Peacekeeping. You get 5 sources and 4 questions. The questions are always the same. The first one is on comprehension on 2 sources usually, the second one is compare and contrast two sources, the third one is on evaluating the values and limitations of 2 sources (they specify which sources) and the fourth question is a mini essay about the prescribed topic, where you have to use the sources and your own knowledge. You have 1 hour to complete everything. Paper 2 is divided into 5(?) sections I t
  13. I guess you're in TZ1, because I have no idea what you're talking about
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