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  1. Hey guys! I sat my exams in the November 2013 session and seeing as I am now done with the IB, I am looking to sell the massive heap of textbooks that I have left at very reasonable prices!! I did the following subjects: - French HL - English A Literature SL - Biology HL - Chemistry HL - Physics SL - Maths SL I have an assortment of textbooks and subjects guides ranging from OSC, Pearson's, Cambridge, Oxford, etc I also have some novels/texts from English SL (Atonement, The Outsider by Albert Camus, Jane Eyre, The Glass Menagerie, Pride and Prejudice, Hamlet, A Room With a View, Pygmalion, et
  2. I put substrate concentration ... because decreasing the pH or temperature can increase enzyme activity ... if its beyond the optimum... Paper 1 was really easy, thankfully. Paper 2... the stats question was harder than 2012 (but it was still alright) .. but section B was HEAVEN! Overall, they were both very good papers all the best for your bio results I got substrate concentration too! Thank god Bio is over
  3. Yeah I thought the action spectrum question was typically sneaky of IB to put in hahaha but yeah they were actually good papers
  4. Hey guys! Since it's been 24 hours, how did everybody find it?
  5. What did everybody get for the last question (about taking the Bus or something) on Paper 2?
  6. Hey guys! How did everyone find Paper 1 and Paper 2?
  7. Sorry for the late reply! Yeah I haven't been able to find the intended meaning of the poem online either. However, my interpretation was that the things in the museum (armours, dinosaurs, etc) represents the different aspects of life. For example, I thought the dinosaurs and armours are symbols of violence (both natural and man-made). Then I interpreted the 'diorama' as not only a "model of three-dimensional figures" for the purpose of entertainment but as a model of the conflicts we have with each other (verbal/physical disputes). I also remember something about the eerie echoes of electroni
  8. Maybe you did better than you thought! and I'm sure Option A will make up for it! I got not proportional too! What was your reason? In the first question of "prove that is not linear" I used two points. These same two point I used for the new equation with the square values of x. I divided Y values of the first point bu its squared x value, then did the same with a second point and compare the results. They were not the same so they where not proportional i guess Okay I did that too!
  9. I take SL! Is this the poem about the mummy and the museum?
  10. I got not proportional too! What was your reason?
  11. Yeah the Section A question was quite odd, Section B was okay though thank the lord!
  12. Paper 1 was easier than I expected! However, I knew that I made some silly mistakes (as usual) but not too many I hope... Paper 2 was also quite manageable and I chose Question 6 too Did anybody do options A and C for Paper 3? I thought the questions were okay except for the one about Schmitt Triggers o.O
  13. Hi there, So after making up her own essay questions (not questions in the IB format) for my class to write essays on, my Teacher recently assigned an "IB" type of question from past papers. Up till this point, I'd been scoring between 20-23 but after she'd gotten another more experienced teacher to moderate my essay, I went down to an 18. She gave me some feedback and said I had "loose grammar" but I don't really know what she means by that. We've just been assigned another question due in about a week's time, but before i start I was wondering if anybody would be willing to look at my essay,
  14. I went into TOK thinking that it would be a class where we could reflect, have class discussions, etc but I definitely think it's something we shouldn't be marked on.. considering most of us need the time to focus on our other subjects we are going to actually use to get into Uni, etc. Plus I think my teacher's going crazy with the workload - she assigned my class twenty reflections to do on our past twenty lessons to do over the weekend because she forgot to tell us that we needed to reflect after each lesson.
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