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  1. FINALLY! It is over! Here are my results: Chemistry HL - 6 Biology HL - 7 Economics HL - 7 Math SL - 7 Portuguese Lit SL - 6 English Lang Lit SL - 6 TOK - A EE - B Total - 42 Not bad at all hun? YAAAY IT IS OVER!
  2. Unfortunately that is the most probable thing that is going to happen. Oh, I liked so much my predicted grade ahahah
  3. That would be SO FREAKING AWESOME! But not going to happen ahaha
  4. Really? I didn't see any question which was not answerable... Not saying that I aced the exam, because I did not (in fact I'm praying for a 6 lol) but I think there wasn't any major unanswerable question... But, who cares? If that means more points to us, then YUPIIII!
  5. Yes it was talking about depolarization specifically. Well who knows, for depolarization only, which was the thing requested, sodiim ions are pumped in, while potassium ions are not. They are instead pumped out for repolarization. But we'll see, the questions wording are susceptible to various interpretations, and that the bad of the multiple choices..
  6. For depolarization no, it is just sodiums that enter the neuron.
  7. I chose the neurotransmitter one, because depolarization happens when the sodium ions enter the postsynaptic neuron, and not potassium. K plays a role in repolarization, but not depolarization, by being released of the neuron
  8. The answer D about the classification is actually the right one haha What were the choices available for the DNA replication question? I dont quite remember the one I got... EDIT: I remembered now. The answer was the one who said that phosphate group would attach to the sugar group of the nucleotide in the strand... Basically it was more elimination than anything...
  9. Careful about the remark on paper 3.. 24 hours of absolutely no reference or discussion...
  10. They were ok for me, hope I'll get a 7! And yes, both papers were relatively easy, however I'm not confident with some multiple choices, as I think they were a bit tricky... About paper 2, I did question 5 and 7. Some of these questions were almost a gift, as they were very very similar to the ones which appeared in previous years. If you looked at them and to the markscheme, then these can be 7/8 points easy... As for me, I don't think I'll get full marks, but definitely a major part of them... So in total, I'm expecting to lose about 10/12 points in whole paper 2, and like 5 points in paper
  11. Let me quote one of the General Marking Instructions present in a Biology Markscheme. We can assume this goes for every subject, I guess. "Mark positively. Give candidates credit for what they have achieved and for what they have got correct, rather than penalizing them for what they have got wrong. However, a mark should not be awarded where there is contradiction within an answer."
  12. His result was 69.5%. In the question it was said that 'girls who run faster than 20 minutes are qualified' or something like that. It would mean that we shouldnt have taken the value for 20 min from the cum freq (that was 20 girls) but the value beneath - 19 girls. Simply, girls whose results was equal to 20 min didnt qualify according to him, therefore we should count 19 girls in our percentage (who for sure run faster than 20 minutes) what would give 69.5%. Ugh, complicated. The gradient of the normal was -1/27 but I didnt have time to count the equation :< Oh ok, I see his logic, but I
  13. edit Isn't that from the paper 2? Careful, now... yes it is, my bad. can you edit your post, so that my original post quoted there doesn't appear? thanks again, my bad And yes kasper, it was one of the easiest, problem is that I made too many silly mistakes, so I can definitely say bye to my 7. And the grade boundary might even go up, worsening my situation...
  14. Same thing for Q10. I am so mad at myself for giving in a foolish way 8 marks.... These can be the marks which will determine whether I'll have a 7 or 6... However I don't think they'll cut the 8 marks, we'll get like 3 or if lucky 4, because we did the normal equation alright, and that also counts for points...
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