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  1. So im doing my math ia on the relationship between gender and academic achievement and im stuck for another sophisticated process (ive done chi sq, standard dev, box and whisker - mean, median, IQR, scatter plot) but now i cant do correlation/pearsons because my data sets (median scores, scores over 50 and number of studies taken) are basically set up like: Girls schools median scores School 1 = 60% School 2= 40% school 3 = 70% School 4 = 89& and another column with boys schools median scores in the same way Boys schools median scores School 1 = 68% School 2= 90% school 3 = 30% School 4 =
  2. Cool thanks, also does anyone know regarding the samples - should we remove the names. im doing a list of schools, so im not sure if i should omit the names of the schools and just keep the data. the names are pointless really, probably would seem better (anonymity etc.)
  3. I'm doing my Math internal for Studies atm, and im currently on holidays so its a bit hard to consult my teacher. Was just wondering if anyone knew what the protocol was for calculations in the internal - must they all be manual? Mine is statistics based. Can we do all calculations on a calc, or better yet are we able to do our calculations solely on microsoft excel, in which case, screen shots would be given. Or what? im a bit lost in that regard, what should or shouldnt be done. thanks!
  4. Just wondering, for the homeostasis internal, what the uncertainty for a digital thermometer would be? thanks!
  5. My weaknesses would be writing up and presenting aloud on the spot. I'm jut not really sure what the best way to 'get better' at writing and speaking basic french would be. would it be to practise grammar over and over? would it be to practise speaking more? help! what should i do?!
  6. Hey, For the option of developmental psych, apparently you need to apply the biological, cognitive and sociocultural perspectives when answering the questions. i'm wondering how you should go about that? I know the first point explicitly states, 'to what extent do biological, cognitive and socio-cultural factos influence human development' - so you'd naturally structure an answer that split ups and talks about the 3 perspectives. but would this kind of approach apply for all other syllabus points? for example, 'evaluate psychological research relevant to developmental psychology' - would you
  7. The whole concept is a little confusing, so was wondering if anyone knew what the passing grade (2, or 4 etc) for Math Studies SL was? Specifically, the exams. Thanks!
  8. oh gosh... do you have any tips as to how i could independently work my way up? Given that I have no experienced IB psychology teacher at my school. The teacher is new to IB psych. However, psych's definitely super easy for me generally, i love it. And, i'm already a 7 student in terms of tests and mock internals, but in terms of the IB standard, and as you've mentioned the 'IB style' of things- do you guys have any pointers for me, as to what i should do?
  9. Hmmm. Im a serial list maker, but i've never tried using a calendar with due dates... It sounds so very confrontational, it might just bolster me into action! Thanks for the tip! And again, practise...practise those papers. And start NOW. and, Flinquinnster - i am feeling that. that procrastination afterglow. oh snap HL Math & Latin. ... respect! Btw, when you say 'wish i'd started IA's earlier' what do you mean? How early on did you get your IA's!?
  10. Inevitably, IB is hard. You must work hard to get the marks. However, I am aware that there is a particular term (not sure if thats what everyone calls it...) during 12th grade, the 2nd term where things really start to get intense! where everything seems to be due at the same time... So, was wondering aside from STARTING MY EE AND COMPLETING IT IN 11TH GRADE, anyone have any retrospective tips, or pointers on how to manage or make the hardest parts of IB less painful? im currently on my first 12th grade, 2 week holidays - DAY 1- so im going to try and polish 2 internals, and psych/bio syllabu
  11. So, i was wondering - is there anyone out there who's managed to pull a 7 for either HL psych, or an A for a psych EE? If so, what did you find set you apart from most students? Was there anything particularly notable that you did? Cause in my school there has yet to be a HL student to score a 7 or an A in EE - why and how does this happen!?
  12. Practise and more practise it is! :/ no way around pure dedication! thanks all
  13. That's definitely true. Calculator is a major component! Just wondering, have you used the other Math Studies textbook? the orange haese and harris one - is that different to the oxford book you have, cause that's the one i've got?
  14. Ok, so with the IA, we're meant to 'modify' a replicated experiment my question is how much?? WHATS TOO MUCH OF A MODIFICATION? Like do we need to explain and exactly replicate the method of an original experiment? like the indep variable should be modified - but can we modify the method as well? obviously it will be different to what some people in the 60's did... but can we do that? for my ia we're using a study/theory that investigates the influence of listening to background music on verbal learning performance. the original used various classical music styles as the indep. variable -
  15. Hey all, I'm kind of in a dark place atm lol. My strong suit has never been maths, and for IB2 i've moved to math studies. I need to lift my game, or i ultimately risk my entire diploma! So, for all of you out there... Anyone have any rags to riches (math style) stories that may inspire me? Or, more importantly - ANY TIPS, OR ADVICE ON HOW SOMEONE CAN BECOME BETTER AT MATH!? SOS
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