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  1. Hi! Does anyone know when the official History IA deadline, set by ibo, is? (Thanks a lot!!)
  2. What do you mean by split the data into 3 parts? Is that that some years works with some function an some other with another function, etc. ? Furthermore does "combinations of functions" (from the assignment) mean composite functions or as you said actually some different functions?
  3. I was wondering if you are doing you IA in development, if you are allowed to use external fact/ statistics that are not in you article? Such as GDP per capita, HDI, Gini coefficient, from the IMF or worldbank ,for the country in particular?
  4. When you're at it I fin music to help me focus on what I am doing. If you have Spotify you can find an album calledClassical Study Music, that is a realy good one!
  5. But remember that you will not only be compared with your classmates, you will be compared with ALL native English speakers in the world since your teacher does not set your grade. Don't you school offer English Language and Literature?
  6. Now I did not read all the previous replies. BUT I would say don't do Eng lit if it's not your first language, because you will be compared with all people from english-speaking country. Ideally you should choose your mother-tounge if there is not a paricular reason why you need or want Eng lit.
  7. If you are going in to meds there would probably be a good idea to grade maximize Although, if you do like lit you should take it! Lang. lit. is not neccessarly less time consuming, lang. lit. involves Written Task and a lot of short extracts but you have to read it closly. It is obviously your decision but I personally ake Swedish lit. HL and English lang. lit. SL and I probably put in about the same effort in both...
  8. Why don't you just ask your music teacher at school if you can show hir your progress in piano sometimes so that hir sees that you are progressing? The same you could probably do with someonethat does a bit of data programming (prob. phys or math teacher)! Do something fun for CAS, and be short and concise in the wording of your CAS, it saves a lot of time!
  9. Really what is important: do things in time, start organizing your material and you'll do fine. I say up as late as I have to, sometimes until 6AM. This is not sustainable, but I do work best at nights. What I 'll advice you is to figure out how you study the best. Maybe it is a god idea to stay in schol until you've done the most dreadful things and then you can go home and feel pleased about yourself, then it will be so much easier to do the rest. It will take less time AND effort. You NEED to sleep, so do I, I get sick quite fast when I don't sleep, but remember that even though you sleep
  10. Hi! I am writing my written task and was wondering: What are the structural conventions for an opinion column? Thanks!
  11. Ooh, Sammie, u couldn't stay away from this topic, huh? ^^
  12. So in the end the final grade will consist of 0.2*(your all together grade [ex.7)) O.2 since that is 20% of the final score?
  13. I've just got feedback on my IA and got 15/20 I know that you count together both your IA:s into 1 grade out of 40, but then what represents what? And what would a 5, 6, 7 be? Thanks in advance!
  14. sounds really interesting! If you have friends doing it, you might ask them how they communicate with other people and what it means for them
  15. I'm just doing easy things, like play soccer, run the school's sport association etc. I'm planning on learning the harmonica for creativity this fall The easiest way to do CAS is to take the things you already do first, so you've gotten through most of your hours and then you can do things that you think will enhance your personality!
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