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  1. Econ starts out easy. Drop it while you can. I hated it and stuck with it... it ended up screwing my diploma up. It gets harder, but still as boring (at least for me). I say go for it:)
  2. As long as you have all the requested HL subjects by the uni, you should be just fine, because as I found out, when I came to the UK, is that they like diversity, appreciate creativity and love languages... as long as you fullfil the entry requirements of course.. I thought my subjects were ****, but just got accepted to Kings College London for biomedical science, so apparently it doesn't destroy your chances:)
  3. I am not re-taking, I am taking one exam in november, because I had an asthma attack during the real time this may, but the procedure is about the same, as far as I know.
  4. You should definitely talk to your son's ib coordinator. And the retakes will surely take place at his old school, because in the words of my ib coordinator "other schools just don't care, and they shouldn't have to". Good luck to your son, and I hope he reclaims his position
  5. I had an A predicted and was given a very weak C. I'm sending it to be remarked, something just seems off. So go ahead!
  6. My grades were terrible as well... My IB coordinator predicted and A in EE and IB gave a D (just needed 1 mark to get a C). Same happened in TOK. Got an overall of 34, but need 38... My life has ended T_T well, I will still most likely have 39, but I effed up my economics (which I dont even need for my future), I just hope they see my extracurriculars and let the hl 5 slip, when I get 7 in bio, which is my intended major.
  7. 32 with the fact that I'm writing HL biology in november due to health issues. I guess.. it's alright, as I will surely get at least a 6 in bio... but ee shocked me, and tok did too. I'm just so pissed.
  8. I was just told that our class average is 32 points, which is an all time low. I'm afraid to call my teacher and ask, so I will just wait it out, and then cry in my own apartment. Fluck Fluck Fluuuck
  9. I think you should continue application process, and you university might still take you. A girl I knew got 35 instead of the 38 Warwick had asked her for, but still accepted her. It all depends on where you lost the 1 point, as well as how the rest of candidates for that university did. Good Luck!
  10. anything PEARSON. And for economics - yes, you need all the help you can get. Real world examples, different definitions etc. Especially a diagram book for econ is great:)
  11. I would send a complaint, and ask to re-read, because I believe that is a) unfair to avoid the work completely and b) also a mistake of your tok teacher, who is SUPPOSED to help you with the formatting and formalities of the essay.
  12. did you intentionally make a presentation topic similar to that of the essays this year?
  13. WOW!! I put on my big girl pants and checked it. Got a 45. Best. Day. Ever. WOWWWW!!! CONGRATS!!!
  14. The top universities dont actually appreciate retakes. I know that oxbridge dont even consider them, the rest just expect you to do well the first time, and it makes sense tbh. So I am planning to make it up by going on a volunteer trip to Peru (which I am doing anyways), so I hope that helps if I miss my mark by a microunit. .
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