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  1. #3 is the lie. English sucks. 1. My favourite colour is purple. 2. Number 1 is a lie. 3. Number 2 is a lie.
  2. Hey there N1ckel59, If you're having this much trouble deciding between the two then give some of these ideas a try; Decide on a rough idea for each one. For example, you spoke about the solubility of fatty acids. Find something from each topic that interests you. Nothing too specific right now. Do some research. Hit up Google Scholar (dream come true that site). Have a brief look and see if there is either a lot or a little known. That'll give you a starting point. Talk to your prospective supervisors about your specific topic. Ask them about the logistics of looking at fatty acids - do they
  3. Okay, here goes. A change in emf is caused by a change in magnetic field, as this changes the current (think right hand rule). Think of a ring of wire. It has its own magnetic field (though it's negligible in this case). If the magnetic field in the centre of that ring was increased, by say putting a bar magnet into it, a change in emf will occur. This leads to a current being generated in a wire. What Lenz's law says is that the current that is generated will create a field that opposes the original change. In this case, it will try and oppose the increase, so it will be in the opposite direc
  4. banned because irrelevant post, even though that's technically allowed, still banned though
  5. banned because i put effort into my post and you didn't like it
  6. Banned for having a poor knowledge of basic South East Asian geography, and a seeming lack of willingness to learn of Brunei's whereabouts, economic, political and historical status, cultures and traditions and the like. The IBO encourages students taking the IB diploma to regularly indulge in extra-curricular learning of foreign country's collective attributes, colloquially termed "way of life". Failure to do so can render a student banned from official and unofficial IBO related forum threads alike, untill such a time that said student has repented for their lack of 'International-mindedness
  7. Yeah, I tend to agree with you there. There were definitely a couple of troublesome questions in paper 1 (16 and 17 i think), but paper 2 was over really quick for me. I found 1 mistake when going over it. So yeah, possibly a higher boundary. Which questions did you choose? I picked 5 and 6, because I don't like redox, and I was sick of organic.
  8. Also, it can refer to a molecule with identical molecular formula, but different structural formula. Usually they call it structural/optical/geometerical isomer, but there's still the double meaning, and I screwed that one up once while revising... Isotope and isomer are not the same thing O.o Idk if your quoted question has been answered sooo to the person posting the question, isotopes have the same number of e- and protons, different number of neutrons thus yielding a different molecular mass for the same element. You will see this in physics when you get to radioactivity. U-235 and U-238
  9. My teacher said you only really need 1 page per question in this paper - about 3/4 page of writing and a diagram. As IB Failing said, they may explicitly ask for a diagram, but if they don't, use one anyway. They love diagrams. That and the fact that, in most of the markschemes, they say you need one.
  10. Also, it can refer to a molecule with identical molecular formula, but different structural formula. Usually they call it structural/optical/geometerical isomer, but there's still the double meaning, and I screwed that one up once while revising... One interesting thing that you can is change the pH of the acid/base you're adding (don't know which - doesn't really matter). For example, use HCl and CH3COOH (Ethanoic acid) to titrate the base, and draw a graph plotting the pH on the x-axis against volume added on the y-axis. They do that in the HL questions, so why can't you. Unless someone sta
  11. Well, though i thought it was a huge waste of time while doing it, I realise now that it was designed to get you to not take things at face value. You kind of need to know to not be that sheep who believes everyone. We did a bit on homeopathy in ToK and it was really interesting to see the evidence (as little of it as there was) without the theory. Thinking about it from a ToK perspective makes you wonder whether or not you've been believing made up crap for a while, and makes you pause before doing so again. So, personally, I think that it was exhausting, horrible, trippy and designed to scre
  12. I, personally, think that dreams must be individual. The dream is generated by you mind and can even be manipulated by the dreamer. They aren't just something that floats along and takes us for a ride. I reckon the reason that dreams seem to be recycled is that humans are, fundamentally, really similar in thought patterns. Sure, everyone thinks in a slightly different way, but we all feel emotions, have certain desires and wishes that are... i guess integral to our race. Things like flying, falling, 'the toilet' are all physical feelings and are experienced at least once in a human's life. As
  13. Connecting people in bed (Nokia) Nothing outlasts the Energizer. It keeps going and going and going in bed (Energizer batteries)
  14. Try an expansion of gas prac? You know, change the temperature, measure the change in volume? That'd be my first thought. You could also try a very interesting looking practical - you inflate 2 identical baloons to different degrees, attach them with a clamped tube, then release the clamp. The larger baloon then increases in size, while the smaller baloon decreases. Not rightly sure how it works honestly... There are probably more alternatives out there, but i'm slow right now, so you'll have to bear with me... hope this helps a bit! GL, HF, DD
  15. Depends on the model of the spectroscope actually. Your school might have an old one that has a high uncertainty, or a really new one with a low uncertainty. If you can find out the model, you should just be able to google it and find its specifications online.
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