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  1. I'm a huge 9gag addict, I'm usally lost in the vote page for hours. Someone gotta do the hard work of hating the reposts and loving the funny ones. Though, sometimes its quite slow, and lets not talk about hot and trending, soooo slow. 9gag Army
  2. Just PM me if you need help with anything.
  3. A good way to study, is to write down the researcher/studies on post-it and put 'em on the wall next to your computer (guessing you spend a lot of time there) there, now you have constant revision. To find those studies, you go through the learning outcomes and try to answer each with one or two studies, explain the study briefly and tada. It goes quite fast when you are in the roll. Good luck.
  4. Try to do as much as you can do, and if you have an easy time on the psych exam it will be easier on the math as well. Try to get a grip of what abnormal psychology is, and by that you can answer most of the questions with something atleast. And ofc, to make it easy, learn only on disorder really good, PTSD etc. Good luck man.
  5. Unless it is in PDF format is kind of late yeah
  6. Hm, that's not good. The teacher should know, the student shouldnt need to learn it by him/herself. Try to speak with your headmaster about it.
  7. Well, don't mind your results just discuss them later on. Why it might be different and so on. My results showed that it was the opposite to what Loftus and Palmer said. But it was beacuse of uncontrollable factors. and for the Chi square, I'm pretty sure it's inferential. I did it a while ago so you might wanna check that up
  8. Yeah, I'm a night person too. It's so quiete and soothing. Perfect for studing for exams
  9. I will pick mechanics and fields and forces if I can Paper 2 is the one I prefer, don't like paper 1 at all.
  10. Well, it is the same IB cheesy way of presenting the program, the idea. But come on guys, you make it sound like you truly hate the IB, it's hard and sometimes frustrating. But it WILL help us a lot in the future. (Atleast I hope so, otherwise..!)
  11. My biggest fear, my "boggart" is to not be remebered. Quite simple but huge and important for me. I want to be remebered by my peers, kids, colleges and hopefully the world. I want to leave a print on this world with my name on it. Love and prosper // CUB^3D
  12. My school's name is: International School of Helsingborg (ISH)
  13. Well, yes ofc I've done that But I meant for a deeper learning, seeing it from another perspective.
  14. Hey guys! I just wonder if anyone have/know a good Math SL revision guide? This would help a lot to my revision and maybe make me understand math a bit more. Thanks. xoxo CUB^3D
  15. Personally, I would choose "A doll's house". It seems to be more to write about, and more fun as well. If you catch my meaning. But in the end, only you can deciede
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