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  1. Based on a quick skim, those two docs look pretty great will be practicing that mock soon thanks!
  2. Social and economic policies? Something like successes or something. I dno. That's all I remembered haha. I'm trying to focus on P3 now. Forgetting P1+P2
  3. Question 8 (Weimar) and 29 (Gorbachev) Would've done Stalin (14 or 15, can't remember), but I blanked on his rise to power for some reason. My brain works wonder lmfao. And I spent 10 minutes trying to figure out whether Mao/Hitler/Stalin were totalitarian or authoritarian. Was a blank moment to say the least hahah Paper 1 (Communism in Crisis) was lurvly I think Just gotta see if the examiners feel the same way haha...and don't hate my handwriting Paper 3 tomorrow. Gulp. Meiji, Qing, Mao, Deng, Nanking Decade and all that good stuff haha
  4. If there is a right/left wing compare/contrast, then yes. This is of course if it is compare/contrast, not say just one.
  5. Just had another look, and I stand corrected on my second statement. This was from Nov 2011: “The rise to power of authoritarian or single-party leaders depended upon the use of force rather than popular support.” With reference to two leaders, each chosen from a different region, to what extent do you agree with this statement?" When I made a plan for this I looked at Hitler and Mao, while a friend did Stalin and Mao. Apologies.
  6. Yeah I took it. I said blow moulding lol. Oh wells. It's over haha.
  7. Quoted from a 2011 past paper: "Where the word region is used in questions in this paper, it refers, unless otherwise defined, to the four regions which are the basis of the regional studies for Higher Level Paper 3." i.e. The Americas, Europe (inc. Russia/USSR), Asia and Oceania, Africa and the Middle East I didn't think they ask Single-Party State questions about two leaders from different regions, but rather either two from the same political alignment (right or left) or one right and one left. For the Cold War they can ask for comparison of leaders from different region. I think. Correct m
  8. I'll probably be more nervous than I am now...which I'm finding to be quite impossible lol... I'll find some video game to play...or you know. Tumblr or something.
  9. Lol I think I screwed up. Lack of preparedness I guess. I thought P1 was trolling me, but I dunno. P3 in a few hours. Option E (because it was the only one my school taught). My IA was high 50s when marked internally. Hoping that'll help salvage the wreck that is my poor exam prep and exams.
  10. Using class notes, past papers, this quiz thing on quizlet lol
  11. Mao, Stalin, Hitler were all pretty interesting, as was the Cold War. Pretty fun to learn. Found most domestic policies to be blegh though Not my thing at all. Hate learning about Qing China, Meiji's hit and miss. China 1912-49 is just really confusing IMO. All in all though: I liked learning about modern history for IB, don't like the exams haha
  12. Vectors is horrible. Calculus and stats are alright (thanks GDC lol), just remembering my basic algebra that's the problem. I make silly mistakes too often..
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