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  1. Has there been an error with English A HL scores? Why is everyone commenting about them?
  2. Less than 24 hours! Ahhh this is so nerve-wrecking! ((
  3. How many are you nervous for our IB exams coming out in 2 days? I'm super scared to even log on. AHHH!
  4. How are you guys preparing/studying for the Spanish B SL exam?
  5. I definitely thought Section B for paper 2 was easier than Section A. But I don't particularly like data analysis so that's why I didn't like that section too much. Paper 1 was alright, the beginning was definitely easier and it gradually got harder, in my opinion. Some were like I have no idea and some I knew right away. It was a so-so paper, it could definitely have gone better but it wasn't completely horrible either.
  6. What would be the overall boundaries, do you know? And how would you compute the total points?
  7. Hey guys! I need some help. I'm taking my history HL exam paper 3 tomorrow. We did Peacekeeping and I wanted to know if someone could help me with topics that are always or mostly on the paper 3 that I should study. Thanks!
  8. Where can I find a syllabus for IB History HL- Paper 3?
  9. where can I find a syllabus for paper 3 for IB History HL- TZ1?
  10. Yeah my coordinator tries to make us relaxed but it's time like these when I'm not sure of my capabilities that I need clarification. Hopefully everything works out and good luck to you too!
  11. Thank you, that does make me feel better. I was just more anxious because even my coordinator wasn't completely sure of the question when I asked. But he also didn't make an effort to look up the requirements but thank you. Have you asked your coordinator about this or are you passing it off of the requirements you've read online?
  12. Detached, thank you for the post but are you absolutely certain that I can get a 3 on my history hl as long as I have 12 overall because I'm getting a little worried. Thank you.
  13. Okay let me clarify the scenario even more: HL 1: GRADE 3 HL2: GRADE 4 HL3: GRADE 5 Based on that scenario posed above, will I still be fine to get my diploma? My only big concern is if a 3 is allowed on an HL exam granted the 12 points will be recovered one way or another.
  14. Hey guys, I have a serious question that I need clarified. I have been reading around but no one has a firm and correct answer. Scenario: I am taking 3 HL courses If I get a 3 on one HL course and total of 9 or more on the other two HL courses, can I still get my diploma.....granted I have met all of the other requirements? Thank you!
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