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  1. Even though his comment does come off as a little bit insulting, given that OP has battled depression and severe social anxiety, I think that cjy is also asking for a tl;dr. (...not just leave a rude comment just for the sake of it) In any case, I think a good tl;dr/"in a nutshell" for OP's (long-ish) text would be something like: "I battled mental health issues in the past, thus didn't get good grades and failed my exams, which lead to my successful immediate family to be disappointed in me. However, now I have taken a turn for the better and am motivated to achieve good grades in my exams. I
  2. With 38 that's the minimum for Oxford, and opens up the most competitive courses at Warwick, Durham, St Andrews and Edinburgh. Your words make me happy. Durham actually ask 666 at Higher for most courses :/ But Edinburgh it's 665 generally. It's okay. I was thinking of applying to Scotland anyways, so England is not an option (at least right now). Nevertheless, I'm glad the option exists. I know it's difficult to get in even with 38 but daaamn that one point can make a difference.
  3. With 38 that's the minimum for Oxford, and opens up the most competitive courses at Warwick, Durham, St Andrews and Edinburgh. Your words make me happy.
  4. Speak of the devil. I just logged in to my results page 2 minutes ago and I got my Biology grade upraged to a shiny 5!! YAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAY! :blowkiss: I love everyone. Wow, I never thought I could get 38. I feel like I should give a speech!!!
  5. Course depending, yes. I got into Edinburgh for history (says 40) but due to a number of extenuating circumstances I got an offer of 34 I... need... to... know... so bad... I can't take it. Which circumstances?!
  6. Hello Past Me! This is Future You! Aren't you glad to know you graduated? Congrats, you're officially fabulous. Where was I? Oh, right. I'm going to answer my own question here ;D So in case anyone was left wondering, there is no "easy" way of learning the studies. However, a new revision book came out during the spring. The revision book was awesome. Why? Because it was written so that each page had an assessment statement and then a few studies under it (and some explanations). It was really God's gift to IB students. Unless your memory sucks, then it's not. But it felt like biology HL all o
  7. Do you peeps think it's doable to get into Edinburgh with 37 points? I mean, some of my classmates applied with a predicted score of 36 and they weren't even considered. (and it's just one point from 37.......)
  8. Hello! Definitely use the learner profile as the basis of your application. (http://www.bladins.se/Svenska/BLADINS-International-School/Learner-Profile/Learner-Profile-Awards.aspx). Try to include as many characteristics of the learner profile as possible (you can use a different wording e.g. "I'm curious by nature" rather than "I'm an inquirer"). When you mention the characteristic, remember to give an example. "I'm curious by nature and because of this I tend to spend a lot of time traveling getting to know unfamiliar cultures". I think overall it would be best to write your application in e
  9. Flashcards? Do you guys have suggestions/methods that worked for you? I'd love to start working on making flashcards/something ASAP in preparation for the finals (since there are so friggin many of them ), but I don't know what the best method would be. H E L P M Eeeee...
  10. Hello! What are the general markschemes for the historical investigation? If 25 is the maximum amount of points then is that 7? Are there different markschemes for standard level and higher level? Answers appreciated.
  11. In our school, some of the non-IB students who are taking the regular matriculation exams, have told me that the classes are boring and it's "easy" to be lazy when everyone else is lazy too. The smart non-IBers that is. They can pretty much just attend the classes necessary so that they don't get kicked off the course and then get A's in the exam. During their years of high school, they only have to put very little effort in to school work and then after 2 years just study for the final exams. So yeah, from what I've heard they are not expected to do that much (and also the books I've seen/rea
  12. Notes? What notes? Sparknotes? Please someone give me advice on this as well...
  13. I highly doubt you will find any realible information about Kim Jong Un just by Googleing it. Even his date of birth remains unknown... Although I agree his image has been built around these very mysterious and superhuman qualities It would be interesting to know the facts, but then again if they'd tell me, they'd probably have to kill me
  14. No! I think it's more like how does the diagnosis affect the symptoms of the person with an eating disorder. Like, say, I was diagnosed with bulimia nervosa, it would make me more "officially" sick and therefore give me the excuse to maybe binge and purge more, like it would define me and affect my psychological processes and behaviour =D Am I right?
  15. I it when a guy makes me laugh . A lot of guys on IB are kind of cute as well #JustSayin'
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