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  1. Sounds like a good topic to me. If you could make it more specific that's usually good, and you might run into some issues with it being broad. But the topic itself is a good ITGS topic. You can discuss IT things, and you can discuss the GS things (ethics, digital divide, etc.)
  2. GMOs are safe and really actually a good thing. The way Monsanto goes about it, however, just isn't right.
  3. Our entrance exams were a joke. Just get a good night's sleep, and a good breakfast, and be ready to sit down and work.
  4. We could try that, but define "assault weapon". Aren't all weapons technically "assault weapons", even weapons that are not guns?
  5. I want to go into business management. Plans: get a bachelor in BM, go to Stanford and get an MBA, work my way up in the corporate world. Yep, I'm gonna be one of the evil corporate bosses making hundreds of thousands/millions. Damn proud of it too.
  6. Did this for my ITGS project. Like I basically replaced their data with mine. My ITGS teacher ate it up. She loved the thing. I say go for it. Just be careful. Like other posters have said, make sure to change everything you need to. You don't want to misformat a graph or anything like that and risk getting found out. Not that what you're doing is necessarily breaking the rules, but it looks bad. For that reason, I retyped everything. Don't copy/paste and then change things. It'll make you catch yourself.
  7. My ITGS class was literally CRYING with joy when the concept video you posted came out. Like seriously. I could feel the tears in my eyes at what was going to come. We had a very long discussion on how it would change everything. As for me, it really really excites me. I'm not scared at all. This is good.
  8. The worst test I have gotten while trying and studying? A C on a Spanish test, that's easy. But I've bombed countless tests because I didn't study.
  9. First new topic! I think! I don't remember! Anyway, what is(are) your favorite font(s)? Do you use these on your papers for school? If not, what fonts do you use on your papers for school? My favorite serif font is Garamond and I use this font for all papers for English, History, Biology, and Spanish. My favorite sans serif font is Myraid Pro (the font Apple uses in their advertising). I use this for all papers in Psychology and Math. The two also make a great heading/body combo (obviously Myriad Pro for heading, Garamond for body). Any other font geeks like me out there?
  10. Wish I could afford to take a gap year. But my family can barely afford to send me to college. They could never afford a gap year for me. I fully believe that if I had a plan and I went up and asked them and they had the money, they'd be supportive. I don't know if I'd want to. It almost seems like more work than going to university, know what I mean?
  11. Not near taking IB exams yet but for writing tests, I love a good black PaperMate InkJoy (700 RT or higher), blue Uniball Signo 207, or an amazing Pilot Precise v5 0.5mm. Geeky, I know.
  12. It really just depends for me. For presentations, I will always, always prefer working alone. I just have a knack for giving an informative, interesting, good looking and funny presentation, and I'd rather not compromise by giving anyone else even a single shred of control. For other work, it depends. If we don't get to pick our groups then I'd prefer to work alone. If we do then it depends on the assignment. Biology labs, I usually like to work in groups. Less work for me, quite honestly. This incredibly smart kid always wants me in his group because he thinks I'm smart too. Lol joke's on hi
  13. My bedtime for myself is 10pm. School starts at 7 AM for me and I have to leave the house by 6:30 to get to class on time. (I commute 20 minutes to and from school.) So I'm up by 5:30-5:45. Do I make that bedtime? Actually, yeah, mostly. I am in bed by that time. I am usually on Twitter for another good half hour but...yeah! So pretty much 10:00-10:30. I've only pulled one all nighter in my IB career. I just can't do them. I break down. Give in. I can't even stay up late.
  14. I had the same problem with my Spanish teacher. She kept punching in these participation grades that were completely arbitrary. I laid low for awhile but then I missed a day and got a 7/10 for participation. Go figure, right? That's when I knew it was all just random. So I talked to her about it. She just stopped. Didn't grade on participation anymore.
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