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  1. Yes sir, Master Chief. When we finally enslave the lesser beings of the galaxy, perhaps we will spare you.
  2. I would definitely tell. Even if their actions don't hurt you, there is the definite possibility that in college and university will hurt the chances of other students who don't have to resort to dishonesty. The students who get into colleges and universities should deserve to be there on account of their hard work and intelligence, not by bluffing their way through the system. If you cheat on tests instead of studying for them the honest way, then you do not actually learn anything. Cheating starts a self-perpetuating cycle that is very hard to break out of. It's best that you call him on it
  3. America didn't have the most positive view of Muslims to begin with, and that only got worse after 9/11. Most Americans, I've found, do not understand the difference between "Arab" and "Muslim" and frequently use the interchangeably to mean "Middle-Easterner." I remember when President Bush said he was invading Iraq, which I was absolutely opposed to. I was sitting in class later that week with some kids, and inevitably the topic of the war came up. I said that the civilian casualties were not worth it, and that perceptions of our nation abroad are simply getting worse and worse due to our for
  4. The past, the present, and the future walked into a bar. It was tense.
  5. I am white but ethnically I'm kind of a "mutt." My mom is Russian, Polish, Austrian, and Ashkenazi Jewish. My dad is Italian, English, German, and part "unknown" because that person was abandoned as an infant and subsequently adopted by a Quaker family. What I "identify" as in everyday life depends on who's asking. If I'm around Jews, I'm Jewish. If I'm passing by some skinheads on the street, it would be wise to identify as something else, if push comes to shove. See, none of this is technically lying. It's in the family tree, but that doesn't mean I have to subject people to listening to the
  6. Geometric proofs should die in a car fire
  7. If it comes to having to tell them by email, then you could just write a short message politely explaining that you will not attend, and then thanking them for their time. I don't think they'll bite.
  8. I'm from a very liberal Jewish household, but I am personally an atheist. As for most of my classmates, it is unclear what religion they belong to because it's generally seen as a personal matter. I've never had anyone try to convert me, and it typically only comes up in conversation as a side note. The only exceptions are people who wear crosses around their necks (though it's hard to tell if it's for religious or fashion purposes), and Muslim girls who wear hijab.
  9. I would prefer that people take the time to proofread their sentences for the sake of clarity. However, I've found that the only thing more annoying than a person who can't spell is a Grammar Nazi. By "Grammar Nazi," I don't mean the kind of person who points out how incomprehensible you are for talking in LOLcat. That's a legitimate complaint because it makes communication difficult, which forsakes the entire purpose of having language in the first place. In my mind, the "Grammar Nazi" is the snob with a stick up their rear end who looks over your shoulder while you write or type, and calls y
  10. This. The most common misconception that seems to pop up when people talk about Anonymous is that they are some sort of organization with leaders, group goals, and carefully-made plans. Saying Anonymous is one unified group makes about as much sense as saying that Anonymous is one author. It's just a title that internet activists, trolls, and hackers use to obfuscate their identity. Of course, news bulletin after news bulletin proves that the media cannot grasp this simple concept, and in most cases simply reinforce the perception of Anonymous as a bunch of young delinquents in order to grab p
  11. Spanish has a lot of irregular verb forms in the past preterite tense. First of all, if you're not using flash cards, start now. They practice your verbs and also help train your brain to "think" in the language, which is what you need in order to gain fluency. After all, the native speakers of even the most difficult languages on earth don't think twice about the very things that make second-language learners sweat. You might want to look around for rhymes or songs that demonstrate the irregular conjugations so that you associate them with a rhythm in your mind.
  12. I liked "The Odyssey" for its story and at times I found the verse to be quite beautiful. However, that poetic verse was also my downfall on all the tests I took on it. In 9th grade we read another horribad Shakespeare play: Much Ado About Nothing. Then we watched a movie adaptation of the play, where Don John was played by Keanu Reeves. He completely butchered the verse. Everyone in class agreed that the whole thing was rather ridiculous. The funniest part was at the end of the movie, when Don John was apprehended, and someone in the class shouted out, "No more Hot Topic clothes for you, youn
  13. I'm in Pre-IB right now. It basically serves two purposes. The first is to weed out the students who cannot handle the workload. The second purpose is to give the students an idea of what IB is like so that they do not instantly plunge into full IB and end up shell-shocked.
  14. My high school is one of the larger ones in the area and it is "fed" by students from several junior highs, not including the many, many kids who waive in from out-of-district (such as myself), and the exchange students. Our class sizes can be rather large, but that is probably due more to my state's budget cuts on education and teacher benefits. (I could rant forever about the stupidity of this decision.) My smallest class is about 20 kids. The largest is close to 30.
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