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  1. oh, i use the examples of mona lisa and dora maar au chat...and people perceive these 2 paintings differently.
  2. Hello, I'm having my real tok presentation next week and i'm working on the linkage between maths and art. I discuss about different methodologies to draw an art piece such as maths (goldent ratio/reason) used by Leonardo and emotion used by Picasso. My knowledge issue is: 'To what extent does Mathematics help to judge the beauty of an artpiece?". Does it sound alright? I feel like i need to fix the wording, I did this for my practice and my teacher said i missed the idea of 'implications in related areas' in criteria 4. Can you guys give my some ideas please? Thanks in advance.
  3. i dont think cannibalism would be a great topic to dicuss in tok presentation eventhough it is interesting. Actually i also thought of doing my final presentation on it but my teacher (a very pro ToK teacher that i have ever met) told me not to do it cuz in order to to achieve a max '5' in criteria 3 (knower's perspective) , the presentation has to show a clear person involvement, meaning why this topic is significant to you... and i guess cannibalism has nothing to do with your personal experience...
  4. well actually, my teacher said he didn't like the idea!! because for the siginificance criteria, i will probably get like 1, 2 only!! so i already changed my topic to 'gender discrimination'.
  5. Hi guys, I'm doing my modeling maths porfolio on the dice game. You can find the task here. page 4. Currently, i'm doing the last two questions. For the second last task: let say, the player pays $30 for each game, and if he wins he will get his money back and the banks has to pay him as well. So if the probability of him winning the game is 15/36, out of 36 games, he can earn 15x30=$450 and the bank has to pay him a certain amount of money for every game he wins. does that sound alright? For the last task: in the case of multiple players involved in the game, is it that the each player rolls
  6. Uhm, yeah. I'm not so sure about the knowledge issue in this case as well.
  7. Hi guys, I am going to have my final TOK presentation this april soon and I'm not sure whether the topic i chose would be alright. I want to work on cannibalism topic, specifically the case of the shipwreck Mignonette in which one person was killed in order to save the majority. The area of knowledge involed is ethics of course but I'm not sure if only one area is enough. I want to discuss about the moral sides of this murder since other people think it's absolutely immoral. Can you guys give me some comments on it! thanks
  8. Hi guys, I'm writing my tok essay on the above topic 'Doubt is the key to knowledge'. Here's the full title of the topic "Doubt is the key to knowledge" (Persian Proverb). To what extent is this true in two areas of knowledge? The two areas that I'm working on are Science and Maths. I'm ok with the arguments that support the idea but I don't know what to talk about the counterclaims! The essay is due in 2 days and thanks a lot!
  9. thanks for the suggestions! btw, do you guys know how to structure an IOC, especially for poetry and play like Macbeth and War poetry! should we go by theme by theme or just from the top to the bottom of the work?
  10. Hi guys, I am going to have my IOC in a few weeks. I'm revising Macbeth (Shakepeare) and Wifred Owen poetry for the IOC. Do you know if there are any books (esp. focus on commentary) that are helpful for revising Macbeth and Wifred Owen poetry?Thanks.
  11. I am doing my EE on mathematics and my chosen topic is Maths in GPS. But I can't think of a proper research question for the topic GPS that is worth a 4000-word essay! My strength is geometry and really want to figure out the research question as soon as possible because the deadline is coming in a week. Can you guys suggest me one?Thanks
  12. Hi guys , I'm currently in year 2 of IB course and have to choose a topic for my Spanish written assignment. Anyone who does Spanish ab inito may know about this task. Can you guys suggest me some topics that are worth written for the assignment and have a lot write about. Thanks
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