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  1. I haven't received a reply from them yet.. I don't know why. I'm guessing you haven't either!
  2. Actually I have been consitent from the second half on first term of IB1
  3. Which school do you think is the better school among the school in terms of the course,the facilities, the teaching, and life?
  4. Ok so I see lawyers, doctors, philosophers, and business people...I only have one question. Where are my engineering brothers and sister at?? I will represent!! Offers University of Manchester (MEng Mechatronics)- 37 (666) and 5 for English A1 University of Leeds (MEng Mechantronics and Robotics)- 37, 5 in maths HL and 4 in English A1 UCL (MEng Electriconics engineering with computer science)-pending University of shefield (MEng Mechatronics and Robotics)- 35, 6 in Maths HL and Physics HL Imperial college London (MEng Mechanical engineering)- Pending
  5. hahahaha, I had the same problem. its anxiety from the exams being so close (well for me). What worked for me is that I would think about my dream career and think about how awesome it would be to finally work in that field. Then I would think about not making it and having to spend my days doing something I settled with. At this point I would be like..HELL NO! and get off my ass and get some work done. I dont know if it will work for you. in terms of revision, do past papers from as far back as you can (taking into consideration how much time you have) and work your way forward.
  6. do need help deciding what to do your project on or some technical stuff?
  7. Actually, I have applied to all those courses although at different schools. I like all the fields equally and already have a little bit of knowledge in all of them. The question still remains though..which one is most likely to give me a run for my money?
  8. Well I actually want be a robotics engineer (hence the username) even though there are undergraduate courses in robotics emerging I feel that they are limited with regard to the interdisciplinary knowledge. In other words I dont want to know a little bit about electrical engineering, a little bit about mechanical, and a little bit about Computer science. I want to be fully qualified in one or two of them and then I'll specialise into robotics for my PhD. I wouldn't mind going into any of them but I want a course that will have me fully involved. I knew people would rate the hardest engineering
  9. Hey guys, I want to do engineering in university but I want to be challenged throughout the four years. Therefore I'd like to know which engineering degree is the most demanding.
  10. I have already applied. I applied for this september. they are waiting on my predicted grades and a copy of my passport which I will hopefully be sending tomorrow!
  11. Hey guys.. I have applied to NUS but I noticed that the admission requirements for Law and Medicine are insanely high (like 42 points or something). In the course brochure the only requirement they have listed is that one should have a high grade in math and physics HL (and yes, thats how they literally wrote it). so I was just wondering if anyone knew the general range of offers they made. Also do you think that because im doing Math, Physics and chem HL it will be lower for me? I am predicted a 7 for Chem and Physics and a 6 for Math..what do you think, do I have a shot?
  12. It is without doubt a good school so You might want to ace your SAT's because notre dam is also a very selctive school (12%). Also keep your IB scores up throughout the course that should increase your odds greatly!
  13. A) If the volume is changing, then solve for dV/dt. Remember, V = r^3 and dr/dt is 0.5cm3/hr B) Surface area is changing, then solve for dA/dt for A = 6r^2 C) D is density, and D = m/V. Or DV = m and m is a constant. Differentiating both sides in terms of t, one gets D'V + DV' = 0. So D' = -V' (D/V) and you already know V' (V' = dV/dT). A last hint is that you might need the r when t = 5. So use dr/dt accordingly to find the appropriate r, where r is the length of the cube. Take the derivative of f(x). Plug in the x coordinate and get the slope. That is the tangent. The normal is the one that
  14. Hey guys, I'm planning on apllying to imperial to do mechanical engineering..however I'm having a problem finding some information. Firstly, does imperial offer scholarships to international students? Secondly how much is the tuition fee for engineering?
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