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  1. 60 pounds per exam? Oh ****... Well its my entire future at stake so i guess it doesnt matter haha @Iliketurtles - You can check by how much you were off (percentage) and explain to your uni that you missed the grade boundaries narrowly or you can attempt a remark?
  2. Well my results were so ****ed up... Predicted a 40 and ended up with a 35.... I got just one ****ing bonus point. Ok for remarking is there a limit to how many exams we can send? And how much is it per exam? Also is it possible to send the EE and TOK essay for remarking? Cause i was predicted an A and B, ended up with a B and a C so thats two core points less (****) Also i got a 5 for english and a 5 for spanish.. Has there been a history of grades going up for subjective exams like these? Thanks a lot, DP4eva P/S - got ****ed over by my parents
  3. Hey I chose that question in section B!! I have a serious doubt. It said first that the alkene reacted wiht HBr (i guess) and was transformed into a secondary alcohol (but-2-ol). Then, it said that that alcohol reacted in reflux with some catalyst containing Cr, and actually a secondary alcohol does not need reflux to be oxidized into a ketone. Just heat, catalyst. But it said in reflux!! And the only reaction that needs reflux is to transform a primary alcohol into a carboxylic acid! So wtf. I put that it transformed into a carboxylic acid. What did you put? ps: did you put mechanism Sn1? I
  4. Im pretty sure it will stay around the same, or may increase slightly cause this was definitely easier than may 2012 which had an insane section A question.. My guess is between 76%-78% overall for a seven Edit - Hailzter, yeah it could be -106 my memory is fading slightly (Yes i did multiply one by 3 and one by 4 and reversed the sign aswell)
  5. Well yes I have that textbook, but the problem is the questions they ask in the past papers are so different compared to the ones in the book. Many things they also teach is useless in terms of exam prep. Is there any videos/tutorials for discrete math? This is the paper im most scared of, it can easily pull down my grade from a 6 to a 5 And im going to do as many past papers as possible till tuesday Thanks again
  6. Hey, To those who are taking the discrete math option, I just wanted to know how u guys are studying. Is there any specific book which is useful, or is past papers is best bet? Cause ive seen/done a few past papers and some of the proofs there are insanely hard and I dont know how to learn them. Also if anybody knows any handy tips/tricks please share them
  7. Yes, the answer to the Hess's Law question was -107KJ. Also i felt the calculations in section A were a bit confusing, but everything else seemed fine. Am i the only one who picked organic in Section B (Q7)? Seemed pretty straightforward to me
  8. Oh ok thanks a lot... Its a bit weird since he told us for sure that it isnt there.. Anyways
  9. I know 2013 has matrices but this is a specific section in matrices...
  10. Hey guys, I was just wondering, was row operations and augmented matrix (under 4.4 in old syllabus guide) removed from the syllabus for the exams in 2013? Cause my teacher told me it was removed but from all the syllabus guides i have looked through for HL math its always present. Thanks a lot for your help, DP4eva
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