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  1. me too. Predicted a 7 and ended up with a 5.... No idea how this happened, I normally get well above 7 boundary for physics and I prepared quite extensively for the exam... I am requesting a remark. Well retakes.
  2. So who else screwed up on Physics? I normally get well above 7, and prepare quite hard for the exam, but ended up a 5.... November retakes...
  3. n00b

    IB Retakes

    I think what the universities care more about the grades you achieved than whether or not its retake or original. As long as you showed the uni you learnt from you mistake, its not big deal. Who doesn't make mistake and screw up at one point in their lives? especially when we are this young, its no big deal. But yeah, I screwed up physics and math as well (i too have them on HL). I normally get well above 7 boundary in Physics, and prepared quite well for the exam. I have no clue how I ended up with a 5.... So my plan right now is to get a remark, if not good enough, do a november retake. in c
  4. Math HL 5 Chem HL 5 Physics HL 5 English A2 Literature SL 4 Economics SL 5 German B SL 6 EE + TOK 3 Total 33. Yeah I screwed up pretty bad... I worked so hard and only got 33... I think there are problems with the markings though - especially with my physics paper, I usually get well above 7 boundary when doing past papers. well november retakes, here I come
  5. Yep the harris book is good. Btw does any know if we will get the formulas for the exam? like the one with general solution of x and y when you have ax+by=c?
  6. What equilibrium question are you talking about, remind me ? but for you info, unless it's in section b paper 2, all can be done without quadratics (i think), but besides donøt you need it for math anyway?
  7. paper 2 killed, especially section b..... now paper 3 better be full marks, I need a 7 in this class. Anyone wanna estimate the boundary for p2 (out of 120)?
  8. The IB has sent out information to ALL DP coordinator yesterday, that the students will be identified using coversheets, and that students don't have to be given a new answer booklet if they mess up the candidate number, so I think you are fine.
  9. Yeah the A6 was messed up, for A1 I just used use the graph to show half life is not constant. I have a feeling I am right on the boundary between 6/7, wish me luck! I did B1 and B2, didn't like the optics part of B2 (or b1 couldn't remember that well).... I don't know man, I hope the grade boundaries are slightly lower this year, I really need a 7 in this subject to make up for my languages (A2 and B).... And I have math HL tomorrow and Chem HL in a week.... Wish me luck! lol
  10. Paper 1 was okay. I thought paper 2 was pretty hard (at least compared to previous years). What did you think?
  11. I have Physics HL. P1 was fine, P2 was pretty brutal. Not bad, but definitely a lot harder than previous years. I am kinda scared of Math HL...
  12. This is the thing with Math HL and physics HL: - In class, 1+1=2 - In exam: you have 4 apples, you eat one, calculate the mass of the sun. The book and material isn't that bad, it's the exam questions that rapes us all, some are hard and some are easy, but they all take so long to do in the little time we have for the exam... I will be doing mine in 10 days, still struggling to finish the papers in time (I can make it to 9-10/13 questions), and believe me I am one of the good ones in math... May god bless us all!
  13. The exam is coming up in like 9-10 days, I would like to my fellow math HL students: How the f*** do you finish every question in the paper within 2 hours (both p1 and p2)? excuse my bad langauge, but I am really pissed right now. The questions itself isn't that bad, but they are all so long!!! So far, I can finish section A and 1 - 2 questions (out of the usual 4) in section B. This applies for both papers. If I don't find a way to deal with this, I will be losing 60 points automatically for both papers combined! (section B has 60 marks, 60/2 * 2 = 60!!) Any help is appreciated! I really nee
  14. Hi everyone, with the exams coming up it's time to revise. Right now my predicted grade is around 38, but to get in the university I want to go, I need at least 40, but preferably 42 (depends on what the other applicants get). Subjects I take: - Math HL - Chem HL - Physics HL - Econ SL - German B SL - English A literature SL Right now I am focusing on my 3 HLs, then econ if I have time, and probably not much for the languages. The component grade I hope to achieve is four 7s in my HL + econ, 6 in german and 5 in english. It would be great if someone who passed the IB before, or someone taking
  15. Hi, I am doing an extended essay in Mathematics where lots of graphs are involved. So my extended essay ended up having quite a lot of pages, around 44 to be exact. Now I know the upper limit for words is 4000 (mine is around 3500), but is there a page limit? is 44 pages ok?
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