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  1. 14 downloads

    A helpful measurement PPT (converted into a PDF format).
  2. 148 downloads

    Some words on how to structure your lab report.
  3. 91 downloads

    Notes on the areas mentioned in the title. They include solved examples and rehearsal tasks. I find them very useful since they're made according to the Physics syllabus and are concise and precise. Excellent for revising before the exam or just catching up with the curriculum. Hope they help!
  4. I would be interested in joining. I'm from Croatia and am currently doing my IB2.
  5. I've recently started having difficulties with the interactive CD-ROM and I need some guidance. I'm IB2 So I've been using this book for a year now, and the CD too. I never used the Self Tutor, nor the Demos before, but I need them now and they just won't open. I run the application Mathematics SL and press on the Self Tutor or Demo icon and it reports a mistake. Has anyone else had the same problem? If yes, how did you manage to solve it? Any help would be most welcome! Thanks in advance!
  6. If maths isn't a strength of yours, how well do you think you'd do at physics in university? You're either going to have to look a lot more or look for a university that runs a foundation year too. I'm doing just fine now and have never had a grade lower than 7 (I'm taking HL, as it's stated in my signature), and I think I'll do great at the uni because I'm ready for all the hard work. And as I said, I have 7 in my maths SL, the teach predicted that (for now). But I got that with my hard work, and not with the born talent or sth. And that's why I'm afraid of taking the HL maths. + my school
  7. Cause I know my strenghts and weaknesses, and maths is deffo not my strenght. My predicted grade so far was a strong 6, even 7, but that doesn't mean that I can take maths HL. I don't know... I just don't think I'll do maths HL so well. That's not my area of interest, nor strenght (as I already said). I know it requires a lot of maths but still. My teach told me that SL maths should be more than enough. Anything else I'll need to learn, I'll learn in the uni. But I'm from Croatia, and... we don't have that
  8. Hello! I was just wondering... Does anyone know if there are any unis in the UK which don't require maths HL when applying to study physics? I don't have HL maths, and I wouldn't like to have it but I LOOOVE PHYSICS and I would really like to study it. I've been searching day and night but can't seem to find anything. Any help?
  9. Hello! Finally when I've decided what my EE will be about, I encountered a problem. I'm doing an EE in Physics, specifically on the biomechanics of karate. The main point for my essay, and the thing with which I'll be dealing with the biomechanics is tameshiwari. Tameshiwari the punch where you hit an object/a material with your hand and hope it'll crack. I've made myself a model of that, and have found a person who I'll be filming when performing a tameshiwari, and everything is working just fine... The only problem here is that I'm not sure how to shape my research question... Any help? Here
  10. I'll keep it short. Anyone heard of any good universities for becoming an art director? I don't know whether that's an undergraduate or postgraduate course, but I would like to study that... If it's a post graduate one, which course to take before I apply to art direction? Thanks! http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Art_director
  11. Article Blog Diary entry Brochure Leaflet, flyer, pamphlet Advertisement Interview (direct, reported) Introduction to debate Speech, talk, presentation News report Official report Proposal Review Set of instructions, guidelines Written correspondence - this is for the paper 2, section A
  12. great that you are familiar with rref look at this post --> http://www.ibsurviva...dpost&pid=99521 the context might be different but basically it's asking for the same thing. Can you help me too? Please? I have NO idea what the rrf is , how to do it then? And what is considered to be an anallitically created equation? Mathematically, but how?
  13. I'll try to buy it from Amazon. Is it safe to buy a used one? It's much much cheaper . I've never ordered anything online
  14. Woow, I've heard people saying they repeat questions but wasn't really sure if that's really happening or not. Thanks a lot for the advice. I'll start doing some past papers even now. . Have some more advices maybe?
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