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  1. What if I changed it to "To what extent did Communists fight for rights and socialism in California during 1900-1960?" ?
  2. *To what extent did the US feel compelled to focus and limit the spread of the Communist Party?* In general, my research consists of communism in America from the earlier to mid 1900's. The communists being abused, followed, persecuted as they discuss at meetings and fight for their own rights as they seek a world of socialism.
  3. My very first topic was "How does poverty effect child development". It was something I thought was acceptable and so I did all the research and the essay during summer but when I showed my advisor he said to narrow it down to "-emotional development". So I did and I altered it some but when I showed him he said to narrow it down AGAIN. I can't sleep not knowing what to do " On another post I have details of my information.
  4. What subject are you doing it in? Yes this is very broad since it refers to many different subjects such as economics, biology, psychology.. In regards to psychology
  5. My topic is "To what extent can poverty impact a child's emotional development?". My teacher says it's too broad but I don't know how to narrow it down. Help plz?
  6. My topic is "To what extent can poverty impact a child's emotional development?", I know I know, It's VERY broad now that I look at it (it used to be "impact child development [in general]"). But I had already done a lot of research on it during summer vacation. My "rough" reaches near 5,000 words so I can bear to cut some information out. Here's an old outline I used for the rough (excuse my weird formatting): O. Intro Paragraph M. Maslow's Hierarchy of Needs - What is Maslow in regards to child development - Poor home and community environments - Family and Financial Structure - Abuse A. Eff
  7. Starting an Internal Assessment for IB Biology soon. I need to find a topic regarding enzymes. Haven't been having any luck finding any websites with good ideas. Any sites that you guys use to find topics that you can recommend would be highly appreciated. Or if you have any ideas yourself or past labs regarding enzymes I can conduct I would be most grateful.
  8. All right so I was originally going to do my IB Orals on The Great Gatsby on how unreliable the narrator Nick is. But I figured that the point was too debateable so I wanted to expand it to every character. So my idea was to talk about how everyone in the story is unreliable Nick, Gatsby, Daisy, Tom, Jordan, etc. I'm not exactly sure how I would word that as a thesis since it just came to mind right now but I want to know what you people think of it. Would teachers be pleased with the topic? Is it too broad, shallow, should I tweak it or change it entirely? If you think it is fine can you give
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