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  1. Here is what I found on this site https://osc-ib.com/expert-articles/what-do-if-your-ib-results-are-below-expectations :Hope this helps .
  2. Ok thanks! so far I've managed to do that, and it says that the upload will finish in 2 days 0_0... and anyway the site keeps logging me out. I guess I'll have to try find a time where no-one is trying to upload....
  3. I can't upload my TOK essay. I've uploaded the essay to via file storage, wrote down in the additional boxes the prescribed title and the word count and clicked "Save changes". The button "save changes" has frozen! I log in and out of the site and the button remains frozen! Is it supposed to do that? It appears that it hasn't been uploaded properly. Please Help! The deadline is soon and I'm freaking out !
  4. Thanks. I'll try that. Although I'm still counting on someone that had this specific condition that could share some experience on this.
  5. As written above - I have taken as what is classified as a "deferred entry" in a couple of subjects due to "adverse circumstances". Note that this is NOT a retake - I have not received the marks for those subjects, even though I have submitted some of the internal assesments. Can I use the same research questions for the internal assessments as I had used before? Does this mean that I have to change my approach or my evidence instead to vary the work somehow? Or do I have to do find new ones? I cannot find satisfying answers in the Handbook of Procedures for the IB, and my teachers aren't
  6. I don't know the guidelines for World Religion, but History is definetely a study of the past regarding human experiences, which makes it a focus on politics, as well as economic and cultural development. A historical investigation should be employed here,so a time factor should influence the analysis . The changes in doctrine in religion do seem to be quite specific and looks like a case study in Religious Studies.
  7. Hi! I have a given torus and a given cuboid ( a lot smaller than the former.) is there a method or a formula for packing the biggest number of cuboids into a torus?If not, I suppose I can do it by myself whilst being far less accurate, right?
  8. Thanks, but is it ok to do one of those at the Standard Level ? Will I make it with my skills? I see you have Maths HL :/
  9. Is it possible to pose a research question for an Exploration with fractals?
  10. I think the first article is not an economics article at all? The second and third ones are OK, but are too long and relevant parts to the commentary need to be highlighted. It is not necessary to find an economic article that doesn't suggest any solution to improve the situation. If the author mentions one strategy at the end, you could challenge it or evaluate it, which would score you more points. However I think your teacher is referring to the fact that the article cannot be too economic - otherwise it would be hard to comment on in such few words. If you write your commentary and your te
  11. I am struggling to decide upon a decent topic for my Mathematics Exploration. I want to employ some economic theory into my investigation, as Economics is my HL subject and I want to apply calculus in the work. I was thinking about taking a firm such as Monsanto, regard as a monopoly, and pose some question about its efficiency or something. I could take real life figures about the sales from the Internet, and then make graphs or functions and calculate whether the revenue covers the costs etc. I could add some details like "will it pay off for Monsanto to sell their products at a price for a
  12. Try to think through your research question - does it provoke a historical investigation? Be careful to not collide in your IA with other subject, such as Sociology.
  13. I strongly advise you to type this in Google and you'll propbably find the past papers there
  14. Beauty is an observation of something that creates positive feelings inside someone. Only thing I could think of.
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