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  1. Those HLs you have in mind are not easy ones, so unless you actually see yourself doing something with music later in life, I'd recommend you drop the idea.
  2. Well that's a new trick! Where did you learn it, how does it work, for the curious?
  3. Hi! I've almost finished compiling my list of organic pathways and I want to add warnings to tricky ones like these, so far I can only recall Nitriles having this effect as the CN- ion has a carbon atom. I can't recall any others, am I forgetting any?
  4. Update: Still happening, just posted in this subforum on and I'm still at 86 from yesterday :/
  5. You're in the wrong sub-forum It's hard to come up with anything that specifically has to do with genetic engineering, so here' my attempt, hopefully one of them sounds good. One of the arguments against GM crops is that they slowly can wipe out wild specimens by pollinating them. Wild specimens are important for studying the plant and in case the GM plants do turn out to be harmful. It's not really a t-rex destroying your city kind of disaster but it's a force to be reckoned with. Erm, Chernobyl ? Physics does fall under the natural sciences...not convinced of this one myself, maybe in a las
  6. That's likely though I've only been posting in subject related forums :/
  7. Hi! I just noticed this happening today as well, my post count has been stuck at 85. Edit: Somehow this post counted and now I'm at 86
  8. Glad you posted, hopefully other students see this too, there is brilliant textbook by Mal Coad, that is absolutely awesome in this regard, I had the same worries as you did but the text book has step by step help for any calculations related to the section you're currently doing. Link: It's kind of costly if your school library doesn't have it, however amazon has some really cheap used ones: http://www.amazon.com/Mathematics-International-Student-Mathematical-Studies/dp/1921500131/ref=sr_1_6?ie=UTF8&qid=1399965212&sr=8-6&keywords=maths+studies+sl+IB.
  9. 7 downloads

    Had this lying around in my physics folder, very useful!
  10. There's more! http://www.mwiseman.com/courses/chem_ib/units/unit12.php There's fewer files but the quality is really good! Update: Attached two I really liked! OrganicReactions.doc OrganicReactionsSummarySheet.doc
  11. Pain. I kid The IB is really not challenging if you have the rare quality of being consistent with school work! The IB is the best thing that will happen to you before university! Okay, to answer your question you need to remember this be organized and set personal deadlines. As suggested by the website slogan, one tends to procrastinate a lot in the IB and this is an expensive habit because time is fleeting. That's very concise looking but I wish someone had badgered me to do the same when I did the IB That aside here are some general tips, your assignments generally count for 30-40% of yo
  12. Heyy! I have brilliant news for all my fellow chemistry people, so I was looking for exercise sheets for reaction pathways and found this amazing website, it seems to be a teachers and the notes are neat PDFs, do have a look, I think it covers many chapters Main website: https://studentsh.scis-his.net/ddavis/ Files: https://studentsh.scis-his.net/ddavis/grade-12-chemistry/ Good luck for your exams, I'm May 2012, so I know what it's like
  13. That's quite broad I'm afraid IIRC you need 2 or more KIs to make a good presentation so focus on getting 3 rough ones in the event that no one is able to help you generate better ones. That aside there's a lot to be said, this topic has some scope.Technology is like economic growth, a positive figure does not equal utopia because there are imbalances in distribution of economic resources. Likewise with technology you have to ask, who it's going to help, what part of the economy they constitute, what part of the population they make up, does it really save more time or use more resources under
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