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  1. Does anyone have a pdf or a copy of the old syllabus for the Language B subjects(from 2009 or 2008 until 2012)? please PM me or reply back
  2. You mean removing part of that question or the whole question including the 10 a) on Sec B P2?or just part of the question that was badly asked to the student?
  3. What are you supposed to Tick on/off when putting the TI-Nspire on Press-To-Test Mode? please answer ASAP as I have Paper 2 Math SL tommorow morning!!!
  4. How do you structure a Prose in Paper 1? is there any good ways to remember like "SCASI(Setting,Character Action,Style,Ideas) and where do u add these onto or could u start with(Main body) Content,structure Narriator point of view, themes,language(diction),syntax...... Introduction Main Body Conclusion?
  5. Hey I need help how to use the TI-Nspire for Probability Problems,like Venn diagrams etc..... If Anyone knows a site or how to do it, post it ASAP on this topic please
  6. Hi Im taking the exams next year (May 2012) and Im doing my EE on Comparing and Constrasting the Domestic Policies of The First Kenyan president Jomo Kenyatta and the Second president Daniel Arap Moi. Does anyone know where to get sources about these peoples Sources? Or even about the Domestic policies of Kenya during the period those two were presidents for Kenya?
  7. Could someone present a proper guideline on how to do a IB English A1 Paper 2 essay with Introduction,Main body and Conclusion in Detail and what to write in the three diffrent parts of a essay + what to think about doing and not during the exam on the Eng A1 paper 2? I have a Mini-Mock in Paper 2 this thursday and I have choosen "Like water for chocolate" by laura Esquviel and "One day in life of Ivan Denisovich" by Aleksandr Solzhenitsyn...
  8. Moini92


    dude, Im attending IB right now, I just started IB1.
  9. Moini92


    What maths should you choose if you want to be a pharmacist(in the English speaking countries, US,UK,Malaysia,Australia)? And should you also take Bio and Chem HL?
  10. Sorry I play in a professional club in Sweden after school. We play in the highest division for our age (U18) and we are very good , third place in last years championship. And does anyone know where college scouts are for the international players?
  11. Hello , Im a IB-student in Sweden and I like to play basketball a lot...I play on a competitive level in a basketball club.. I wonder is it very hard to get a scholarship to US if you are a international student? And is it anyway you can play College basketball if you just a regular international student who is attending to the college which has basketball? Does anyone know if there is any university team in other country especially in Europe such as UK , France, Spain , italy , Greece and more? And cant you do the ACT instead of the SAT arent them the same or similar tests?
  12. Moini92

    History IA

    does know any good topic to start on a IA on the WWII ...the sources need to be (woman or children 0-18 years old) or organisations that contained the youth or children...
  13. Hi My Name is Brian and im a IB canidate for 2011 I live in Sweden , Stockholm Im gonna take this subjects in IB English A1 HL Swedish B SL Math SL History HL Chemistry HL Biology HL
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