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  1. topic could be a little cliche depending on how you spin it, as drawing people is something that's been done a lot! A person in my cohort did get a 7 for her hyperrealistic paintings of people focusing on mental issues of discomfort, isolation, etc. Their paintings were superbly beautiful and had a lot of technical skill though, so I wouldn't focus solely on people- put a personal spin on it. IB examiners love that. Best of luck!
  2. if VA is still the same as I last took it (I've heard there's been a slight restructure?), video art totally counts! I submitted a piece that was purely video for one of my 13 pieces. Erm, not entirely too sure about digital wallpapers, but I've heard of graphics being submitted so I guess it's not a too far-flung prospect. As for the process portfolio, I looked it up and it seems pretty much to be what was my IWB! You don't necessarily have to be influenced by an artist, but I think you will find that as your work naturally progresses, artists will provide you inspiration and ideas, and
  3. hey!! in my experience, slapping a theme onto my artwork didn't really work well in IB, but maybe it's just me. what I did was make a bunch of artwork, linking each piece to the next, and continually looking back. At the end of the course I had a good set of work that basically ended up displaying one theme- it can be something abstract like your theme or it can be more physical in the materials, etc. as for your theme I feel like words of wisdom is a little too much of a pigeon hole- you might end just trying to quantify what's wise and what isn't. maybe look into broader terms + works t
  4. academic citation & how to basically write a 4000 word essay without trying to kill yourself lol
  5. I usually just end up summarising everything in one finishing sentence, after having listed out the points I've made (it helps if you make a plan and use that to structure your conclusion at the end!) Basic rule of thumb is that you should never, ever introduce anything new in the conclusion. If you have, it means you messed up somewhere! Don't stress too much about it, it becomes a lot easier as you get into the swing of writing the type of essay required for paper 1.
  6. to be honest- any political speech would work! It could be interesting to take one that is supposed to be welcoming / open / inclusive & analyse it to see if there is an unconscious exclusion?
  7. I'm clearly biased, so I'm going to state outright you should go for Goldsmiths! Of course, there's the bigger unis (and probably better known) such as UAL, UCA, Falmouth, DeMontfort, Kent, Slade (at UCL- super hard but also quite prestigious..?) Edinburgh College of Art, Kingston (not particularly, but I did apply for art here), Ravensbourne, Brighton. You'll probably find that most major universities offer at least one arts related programs, but whether that's fine arts or specifically creative arts related is a completely different issue. Art universities tend not to do very well on ra
  8. You MUST take 6, otherwise you won't get a diploma. If you're taking 7, I'm pretty sure it's safe to drop it, as long it doesn't affect the balance of subjects that you take within the diploma. By that, let's say you're doing a standard diploma like so: Group 1: English Literature Group 2: Spanish Abinitio Group 3: Psychology Group 4: Chemistry Group 5: Maths Studies Group 6: Visual Arts Extra: Drama In this (pretend) situation, you can only drop either drama or visual arts. Also, it's good to consider how far along the diploma you are, whether you can switch between the extra subjec
  9. From what I see, yeah HKUST > HKU engineering. The facilities are rumoured to be better as well for engineering, as UST specialises in science based / technological subjects. Obviously as a result, the competition for a spot in UST engineering tends to be a tad more intense than for HKU engineering. Don't take my word for it though! But from what I've heard from friends, they usually view UST as superior for engineering, physics, etc. You should probably also run through the syallbi and compare what they teach you- the HKU course might have a little less prestige, but that's negligible
  10. lol I'm not in IB anymore, but yes! Do your EE over the summer- it's the single best thing you can do for your IB score. An well done EE draft means two things: 1) your supervisor has time to look over it and give feedback 2) you have ample time to redraft, and if it's already well-written, the changes are likely to be minor 3) you'll have more free time for ....other IB pursuits in the summer between IB1 & IB2, I finished my EE and went to France to practice my french in an exchange program. I also did some service, and spent as much time as possible relaxing- that stuff is important
  11. Oops, this is rather belated! I can tell you all about living in Hong Kong- I was born there and lived there for the majority of my life. (I'm serious, I will actually give you good restaurants to visit haha) As for the distance between the island and it's other unis, I reckon the ones in Kowloon aren't too bad- it's still quite an active part of HK! Especially if you go to Hong Kong PolyU- it's literally on the boundary between HK Island and Kowloon, so it's probably one of the most well serviced uni's I've seen. It's just when you get to NT that commuting can become quite a bit exhausting
  12. I'm from Hong Kong, so yeah, I know a bunch of people in all of these unis even though I'm currently studying in England. I also know a bit about the application process... anything I can help you with?
  13. I can't give you your RQ, but I can say keep it simple, and don't interpret the results wrongly. Make sure your question has a defined variable you're changing and a defined result. i.e. for enzyme, it would be something like "how does the change in temperature affect the amount of substrate broken down by X enzyme over a period of time?" The two variables here are temperature & time. In determining some parameters for your question, you should probably be running some pretests. Personally, I think enzymes are more easy to use in RQ as their results tend to be more substantial than p
  14. hot because that is one accurate sig quote
  15. I have a friend studying animation, and she didn't do film studies, so if you can pick only one, I'd reckon you'd be better off plumping for visual arts. you can show your animation potential in your portfolio, which IB VA helps you to construct. In Film Studies, there's the potential for animation, but most people work in a group for the project to expedite the progress, and usually don't end up doing any animation as it's quite specialised and an individualised thing! I know some people who did both film & visual arts, and they've all said they thought they would've been better off d
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