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  1. this is a really good website to go to: www.nothingnerdy.wikispaces.com/IB+PHYSICS explains all the stuff clear and simple
  2. I don't think it will matter... actually I am pretty sure it won't... I think you will get selected if you get 42, but they will not provide you with the same scholarship option (that's if they have given you a scholarship)
  3. Version 1.0


    For people struggling to understand the implicit differentiation method or the integration using substitution or parts, this should prove really useful
  4. yes it does mean that... Although you can have more writeups where you do not need to conduct the design, but you can still be marked for DCP and CE. basically, you need to have 2 of Design, 2 of DCP, and 2 of CE!
  5. Well its not plagiarism to show your ideas... ALSO you don't have to mention the name of your business, you can just write XYZ if you are scared someone will copy your question ... well thanks anyways for the doc (*the pdf is for HL)...
  6. Hi guys People doing Business and Management SL IA, what ideas do you have for your research question? Also people who have done and got high marks before, can you also share your research questions...
  7. I think you have a good chance. I am doing the same HLs, but got a 7 in Phys. and 6 in the rest for my predicted. btw when are you applying?
  8. i think your questions is alright. but it would be better if you narrowed it down and said what changes could be brought on to the marketing mix in order to increase its market share or competitiveness with the competitors? it just gives you more focus...
  9. you know you are in IB when you ask your friends how do you KNOW that?
  10. you don't need any extra exams right? like toefl and ielts etc.?
  11. So what's the minimum score you need to enter Uni. of Melbourne engineering?
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