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  1. Hi! does anyone know if it is possible to obtain maintenance/living loans for EU citizens in Scotland and in England? Thank you!
  2. But do you think that I can find enough factors and documents if I focus only on the economical factors?
  3. i don't have a specific war in mind. I am not considering at all both ww1 and ww2 because I want to investigate the causes of a "small" war.
  4. and if I change the research question into: "How did the economical and (lets say) social factors lead to...." In this way I will argue and investigate only these two factors. Would this still be too broad?
  5. But what if I want to analyze two aspects such as the economical and the social factors and investigate the extent to which they were the main causes of a war. Would this be too broad?
  6. Hi! Is it OK to investigate the economical (or the political, social, etc.) causes of a war for the historical investigation? Thus, the reseach question would be: how did the economical factors lead to the outbreak of...
  7. I checked with my teacher and she said that I can use a rotary motion sensor for the damped pendulum. I was interested in analyzing the energy loss of a viscous damped pendulum system by looking at the exponential decay of the pendulum and try to find some generalizations
  8. I was thinking of finding a relationship between energy and probably the damping coefficient. Do you think this is a good research topic? I also need to check exactly what we have in our lab.
  9. But is it ok if I write an experimental extended essay on damped pendulum?? maybe discussing the energy?
  10. Hi! I'm doing my EE in physics and I am not sure if my topic is suitable. Is an investigation of the damping effect in a pendulum appropriate for an EE? Thanks
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