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  1. I have no idea, sorry. I would say Weird Al is pretty good, but is he a /rapper/? Do you have anything you're weirdly attached to? (like pencils, a certain hairtie, or a waterbottle, etc.)
  2. I learned about a website on here a few years ago. It has a large community of native speakers of many languages, and it is designed for you to input your writing, so native speakers can comment and say what is wrong or doesn't flow with your writing. I am taking Japanese, so it may have been a site just for Japanese. I don't remember; I just know I excitedly saved the link, and now, when I need it, I can't find it. IF you know of any site like this, please let me know.
  3. From what I've heard, I've narrowed down what I want to do to the subject "language, culture, and identity" under world studies. For this I would investigate the topic of Hawaiian identity from being an independent kingdom to a territory to a state. Is that good?
  4. My proposal is due Friday, and although I have some ideas, none are coherent, and they are all very different. 1. Looking at and analyzing the philosopher names in the show LOST. Cons: id have to watch a LOT of tv, more than I even want to 2. Something about japan, since I will be traveling there at the end of the school year. Cons: that is not in any way a coherent topic 3. The Hawaiian perspective on annexation. Pros: I know people who live in Hawaii and have strong feelings on this, and it sounds like I could take a survey. Cons: I don't know what subject area that is. If history, that
  5. Well, I would not like to see anyone burn in hell. I consider burning a rather unpleasant sight. But if I had to choose, I would say my geography teacher from 9th grade. He wasn't the best teacher. But like I said, that is a terrible reason to burn someone enternally. What do you think about high school dating, especially considering you are in IB?
  6. Ages ago. I literally cannot remember. Your reason for doing IB?
  7. Chazuke. It's tea and rice, eaten like cereal. When was the last time it snowed?
  8. If by relive you mean relive and change, there are so many little moments. But probably I would go back to when I had a boyfriend and try not to be so ... Dumb. If by relive you mean because it was so great, I have no idea. I've had good moments, for sure, but they've all been part of overall good days. I would say I'm pretty happy and that choosing one moment that beats the rest is sort of impossible without context. What is your most annoying class right now?
  9. I have no idea; I haven't even written it yet. Ill repost the old question: is there any piece of clothing you absolutely refuse to wear?
  10. It seems dumb, but I'm pretty brave about most things, except talking to people. Probably the scariest moment was when I was talking to my history teacher to ask him to change my grade to an A because I got a 5 on an AP test. Very boring life I've led What is your favorite indie/foreign movie?
  11. That's tough, seeing as how there are so many I admire. Maybe leondardo da Vinci, since he was interested in lots of things. What has been the worst week in IB for you? (For me it's right now)
  12. I think IB music is designed to work regardless of skill level. As long as you are willing to put in the work to analyzing music and writing papers and such, it should not be difficult for you. You are assessed on your ability to play, but at SL that can be a group, and playing like less than a virtuouso won't deduct points. Since you can read music, it seems like you are well prepared.
  13. Well, the fun of the subjects really depends on your school and teachers. I know at my school, people hate biology. The teacher is boring and the class is considered to be just rote memorization. Chemistry is considered pretty good, but only a few people take it, because it's combined with AP and is only one year long, so you can only take it as an SL. I really wanted to take that class but couldn't because of time. For you, since the teacher is boring, I recommend you don't take chemistry, especially if you want to test HL. I also thought I wouldn't like physics. In fact, I still don't real
  14. I remember fondly when my whole family lived in the same house (all 5 siblings!) and we would eat dinner together and play hide and seek in the cool summer air with the neighbors. Do you know calculus?
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