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  1. Hadn't you studied anything before you got in the IB program?? No. I spent two months in Toronto and then I came back and faced the wrath of IB. Take it easy...
  2. I haven't a clue about "routes" since I did my exams in May 08. However, my teacher in IB2 was terrible so basically, I had to self teach everything from WWI onwards. Just read your textbook, make notes from it and know the syllabus for the course. It's not impossible to do and get a good grade at the same time
  3. I did my EE in history, so feel free to ditch everything I say... The way I approached mine was I took a broad topic I was interested in and then I read books about it for about a week and in that time I found certain aspects that REALLY interested me and then I kept narrowing it down further and further, went to some of my teachers for advice, and VOILA! EE topic It's difficult to just know what your topic will be without a few days of research. Ps: it says you've done your exams in May 05???
  4. I'm sure it's not that bad The story is very engaging, especially for the females out there lol. Anyways I think the Twilight series is quite like fast food, you know it's not good for ya but it's so tasty. It actually was THAT bad. I can devour chick-lit in like an hour and enjoy how cheesy and mindless it is (I actually LOVE books like that... good escape from any heavy reading I do during the semester)... but this was just written bad.
  5. I would just like to say that is was probably the most awful book I've ever read in my life... even worse than Madame Bovary which was so brutal that I didn't get past the first 10 pages... but at least the plot was interesting. Twilight was so much torture that I couldn't even bring myself to finish it. Which is sad because it's such an easy mindless read. I'm pretty sure my IQ lowered so much while reading that book.
  6. Books are different for each school. You could always email your IB Coordinator.
  7. I think she means analyzing the title and searching for what areas of knowledge can be used in the essay based on what the title is talking about And I agree with Elsa... I have the attention span of a gnat. Although, I do recall writing my essay in a short amount of time!
  8. hahahaha about 1.5 years for me then HAPPY BURFFDAYYYYYYYY
  9. If you were in Canada... to do both undergrad programs, it would take at the most 10 years. And Aboo has an excellent point. If your future job is worth all the money that you put into school, then go for it. But if you can't pay off all the debt you're going to inevitably gain... then you might need to rethink it.
  10. 1. Not studying for my physics final. I mean, it's awesome I pulled off a good mark without studying, but I could have aced that exam had I studied... even a little. 2. Taking my bf for granted :/ 3. Being so stupid in my first semester... ughh
  11. I'm doing a bachelor of science under the psychology department as a behavioural neuroscience major (what a mouthful eh?). Anyways, I see that as a good way in because I've got all my bases covered for the MCAT, plus it's something that's different as opposed to the biochemistry major that everyone does at my university. However, you should just do whatever interests you and will give you the best marks. If I don't get into med on my first try, I'm going to go back and do a joint honours in neuroscience and nutrition and a minor in biology and then try again
  12. This is what I've been doing (or planning to do) during my 4 month summer: 1. Hanging out with my friends... and you don't have to spend money to frolick in the park or have a picnic! And if you do have money, go out and see movies, shop, party, potlucks, road trips etc 2. Actually spending time with the much neglected bf. And for those of you who are single... go out and mingle! Meet someone... go on dates! 3. Movies! I never watch movies during the semester so I've been binging on them haha. 4. Catching up on fave shows. For me I spent a few days catching up on Gossip Girl, House and One Tre
  13. Haha, I don't know what I think, really! It's too soon to tell haha. I just won't be surprised if that's the case! Ah well, should be interesting to see how this all plays out
  14. Psh, totally a publicity stunt... just like Tupac, everyone will debate over whether or not he's really dead
  15. To reiterate what was said above by sweetnsimple786 I also found myself in a similar position the week before our EE was due. Everyone was content with my paper as was I... until I realized there was a better way to do it. Everyone thought I was crazy but I rewrote my paper anyways Basically, what I'm trying to say is to go with your gut. If you feel there is something wrong then change it. This is your baby after all, and no one knows it better than you
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