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  1. Germany and several other continental European countries have a July 15 deadline.
  2. Did you take into account the different time-zones? I will be able to access my results at 13:15 GMT which is 15:15 my time. I guess for you it should be the same?
  3. There is an official thread for this http://www.ibsurvival.com/topic/24938-may-2013-official-results-thread/ There you'll find all the other nervous students waiting anxiously..
  4. bump ( I hope this isn't against forum policy )
  5. I was recently accepted by the University of Waterloo for the mechanical engineering courses (co-op) starting in Fall. I have to reach a decision by June 3rd and would appreciate any input from Europeans (or non-Canadians) that have made, or will make, the move across the Atlantic, as well as Canadians for more general questions. Some points: How was it adjusting to the new environment? Is the public transport any good or do I need a car? Are the costs higher than initially expected? Do international students have restrictions on jobs (to help with tuition and other costs)? What were some in
  6. Did no one chose B2 and B3? I thought they were quite alright except for the last question in B3 with the ccd and pixel stuff. A6 (the one with electromagnetic induction) was confusing at first, just managed to figure it out in the last 5 minutes. Had to rewrite a formula and such to eliminate B and v.
  7. How did it go for all of you? I found paper 1 harder than average and paper 2 easier than most. Others I've talked to said the opposite..
  8. I found the poem (I Am Tourist) to quite easy compared to some other stuff if seen in mocks and past papers. Same for my classmates, all felt quite confident that we addressed the major themes and so on. Only thing I wasn't 100% sure about was the humour question we had to answer. I basically said the author used irony and that the tourist was likened to a child, being rather narrow-minded. Your interpretations?
  9. The diagrams HAVE to be in pencil, that's already been determined by the IBO (in the booklet, I think). The labeling isn't mentioned, though.
  10. For economics,and other papers where we have to draw diagrams, does anyone know if we have to use the pencil to draw it AND to label it? Or can we use our pen to do that part?
  11. Beni

    University of Bath

    I applied to their mechanical engineering courses and put them down as my firm (today, actually). The only downside that I can think of is the fact that housing and general living costs are much higher than the rest of the UK, besides London of course. From the rankings and other stuff I've heard, they seem to be in touch with quite a few firms and industries, which is always good, especially if you're doing a placement.
  12. I applied to Waterloo. It's strengths lie more in engineering, though. Maybe try UBC, it has a very high number of IB students and the required grades aren't that high from what I've heard.
  13. For engineering it is generally required to get 36-38 with 6 in HL maths and physics when applying to the top (10-15) universities. Some such as Cambridge and Imperial will obviously ask for more. Currently applying for mechanical engineering and all my offers have been 37 with 6s in all HLs. The same for a friend of mine.
  14. I' m applying to the University of Waterloo to the mechanical engineering course. I know that they have 1-2 international scholarships as well one that is specific to engineering. It is called the suncore something. Hope it helps
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