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  1. Hi, firstly, it doesn't matter if your teacher gets mad at you because if you go down the wrong track and later show it to the teacher it may be too late. Let your teacher get mad at you and take it in! technically you deserve it and in the end if it means that your teacher will help you then all the better, to get something good you need to work through the rough patches as for your "wording 1" which is similar to Topic 6 <-- yes it is similar its practically the same thing.. except youve replaced the word knowledge with barrier to your learning... however there is a difference between l
  2. read the question again carefully it says if the player rolls a number that is the same as or less than the number that the casino/bank rolls then the player looses so if im the player and youre the bank: you (the bank) roll a 4 To win i have to roll a 5 or 6. if i roll a 1,2,3,4 i will lose..
  3. Ahm, yeah. I calculated the probability that Bob doesn't lose. So, If he throws a 1 then Ann has to throw 11 - 1 combination. If he throws a 2, then Ann has to throw 11, 21, 12 or 22 - 4 combinations... And so on till 6. Therefore Ann has 36 possible combinations. In the end it's 1 - (some kind of formula you should get) | And the 1 in the beginning is important as you want it for Ann. So the thing is that in the question it is said that she 'can' throw once more, so there is a probability that she doesnt throw it the second time, that will only be when she wins ( the probability of her winni
  4. Hey! as someone in their second year doing their History EE, what ever you choose is your choice but be aware that doing a History EE is much more work than an English EE.. for english you might need to read a few books/ poems/ proses etc... but for history you need to research and get tons of hard facts. you cant go to the internet to get information! you need hard copy books. (small trick here is that you can research online and find books and then type it into google and see if it comes up on google books and just get the citation information there and mark it as a hard copy, its not like a
  5. You are - of course - allowed to make it more complicated than it already is. . . But I don't think that this 'can' is really that relevant, or did you get a different result then? Absolutely positive is correct, even if she does get a higher number the first roll its her choice to roll the second time, its not like its going to make a difference.... even if she gets a smaller number then she can always fall back on the 1st bigger number.
  6. history is not written by people. it is only written by a Historian, history cant just be written like that... we write history so that we may have a record of the past and so that we may learn from our past and we write history through different methods like research, removing bias, OPVL (origin, purpose, value and limitations) <-- to analyse a document.. etc.. I know this because im a HL history student
  7. you need 30/40 for a 6 overall for both IAs and a 35 out of 40 for a 7 overall
  8. I'm doing a history EE and my teacher told me to put my poster pictures into an appendix... sO?? what am I supposed to do?
  9. its too broad and like dniviE said, avoid ethics!! my presentation was related to ethics at first and then i realized it was all falling apart the night before my presentation and I changed my presentation over night and i pulled an all nighter trying to perfect my new presentation.. i ended up getting an 18... :/ so dont do what I did! talk to your teacher, just bug the hell out of him/her and perfect your exam.
  10. Hi i did this question too and my tok essay was due last week i might be able to help you out here take the key words, trust, emotion and the most important "when" create a KI with these words something like to what extent is emotion a valid way of knowing--> you could say it can't stand by itself in the pursuit of knowledge because it has to be paired with perception to perceive the emotions, and reason to understand the emotions and the situation etc... when and under what circumstances can we trust our emotions... is another Ki well i guess this is help with the KI for structure be simpl
  11. Hi So my semester exams, not my IB exams Im a may 2013 candidate, yeah, so my semester exam is in 2 weeks and yesterday my teacher tells the class that the exam is cumulative which means that I have 2 weeks to study for 1.5 years worth of HL Math.... How the hell am I supposed to pull this off along with History HL, English SL, Econ HL, and AP Statistics, along with my TOK Essay? Help!
  12. Hi, Im a May 2013 IB candidate and for my TOK essay i chose prompt number 6: "Can we know when to trust our emotions in the pursuit of knowledge? Consider History and one other area of knowledge.” My KIs are: To what extent is emotion a valid way of knowing When and under what circumstances can we trust our emotions For my history example Im using the treaty of Versailles and i was going to talk about how emotions were used in creating the treaty of versailles (e.g. france wanted revenge so they made Germany pay a heck load of money, also they restricted Germany to only having 100,000 troops f
  13. Hi, I'm a HL History student and for my IA my research question is: Who was to blame for the Partition disaster after the Indian independence? my question is about Section A where you need to put the Research question it self, the scope and the methodology What do you put in scope and methodology? what do those things mean? i was given a handout/booklet about it but i can't find it at all! please tell me what should be put under scope and methodology!! So far i know that scope is the time frame but then i looked up some example IA's and their scope was a long paragraph.
  14. Hmm this seems to be a good idea! actually a great idea!! thanks so much!!
  15. this is what i initially thought but then when i look back at the state of my english essays then i'd probably get a 4/5 on the HL exam, i'd prefer not to when i can get a 6/7 in SL That's what i was thinking, but then i'd have 3 years of Biology in a row... because 10th grade i did honours biology, this year im doing SL, initially i planned to take HL biology by taking SL this year but not actually taking the SL exam but then i changed my mind and decided to do the exam.. Also its the end of the junior year and less than a month away on my exams.. so im talking to my parents and brother wh
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