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  1. I would say that the major difference between Language and Literature and Literature course are the type of texts you look at throughout the course. 'Lang and Lit' doesn't only focus on books/novels/poems/etc (50% of the course does), however, it also focuses on media/articles/newspaper/speeches/etc. It is much more varied. The type of the texts you look in the 'Literature' part of the course is exactly the same as what you look at in Language A: Literature. I know about this because curently I am doing English: Language and Literature. However, I just changed from Literature, so I know about
  2. I'm doing HL Film, and let me tell you, its fun. Its not the most impressive class especially when you're comparing it to History. But since your university doesn't care about your standard level classes then definitely go for Film. Its like chill time. good luck
  3. I take Psychology HL so I'm slightly biased....but considering the content in psychology, it is pretty interesting so I say go for psychology. I don't really know much about social anthropology to be honest, but psychology does cover the sociocultural part of it. which im guessing is similar to social anthropology. IB psychology does require quite a bit of memorization, but honestly it is not that bad especially at SL. good luck!
  4. My school asked us to use 3 books for HL psychology....one of them is optional though. IB Psychology Course Companion (Oxford) - optional. IB Psychology Pearson Bacclaureate HL/SL (important) A-AS Level Psychology Study Guide (this one was sorta compulsory but I dont get why we use the A-level one instead of the ib one) I think the pearson book is best out of all though....every content is explained well thoroughly. The Oxford course companion is okay too and I use the oxford one a lot for IAs because it gives a lot of example of experiments.
  5. I think you could conduct an experiment? And sorta do an analysis on it? I'm thinking of doing it on psych as well....probably going to conduct an experiment under the theory of sociocultural. and link to one of the principles or something along those lines
  6. Well as you can see below, I am taking English: Language and Literature at higher level. I didn't find anything difficult in the beginning of the course but as time goes on I find it more and more difficult. I just got my results back for my very first lang&lit Paper 1 and it was quite bad in my opinion. I got a high 3 or a low 4 -out of 7. I am aiming for a 5 or a 6. I really really need it. I need advice on how to do well in paper 1. Or how to do well in the course in general. What should I practice on? Thanks!
  7. Try taking English A if you can do it. I mean, you get a bilingual diploma which is a plus. Lang&Lit HL isn't even that difficult. Its very logical.
  8. OH right that makes sense yeah my school offers sports science too. haha what can i say, we love new things. does this mean english language and literature is a pilot subject too?
  9. The description under 'The Arts' folder says that IB Film and IB Dance are pilot subjects. What do they mean by this? Does it mean that its a weak subject? Because that would suck, I feel like I should have done theatre.
  10. uhm you don't quite get it. Im not talking about what is the perfect subject according to what you want to study at uni. I'm talking about what is the most *impressive* subject combination. Ok well let me rephrase it, the perfect combination if you don't know what you're going to do in uni.
  11. Just wondering, what do you guys think is the perfect combination to take... The combination that universities would go "oh wow this person is impressive" I would go with the one that shows you're well-rounded. I'd say: English HL History HL Maths HL Physics SL Economics *Second Language, or another language A* SL I think History is an impressive subject since I believe that it is the hardest group 3. And I think that economics is useful. I mean obviously the reason why I didn't pick these subjects myself is because I wouldn't be able to cope with it. SO WHAT DO YOU THINK?
  12. Hi guys, I'm very interested in the arts. I want to study film and theatre in uni. And I want to live in New York. So, do you know any good art school in New York that I could apply to? I'd really like unis that I can double major in film and theatre. I'm not really aiming for the top notch schools in NY, I just want a good school that I could fulfill my dreams at. So any suggestions please let me know. ALSO i'm really bad with the SATs, so the ones that do not require the SATs would be great. In fact, I'm an artist. SATs wouldn't prove how creative i am. THANKS
  13. Hello peeps! Currently I'm taking HL Psychology, English and Film Studies and SL: French B, Chemistry and Maths Studies. I want to study Film and Theatre (with arts management as a minor) in the future. But I'm not certain yet since I dont want to graduate and become a hobo cuz i went to an art school. my point here is, i'm not sure if should either take Psychology or Business & Management. I like both equally. So I'll go for the one that would impress universities. I've done Psychology for about a month now. But I can still change. THIS IS URGENT. THANKS
  14. I'm taking Psychology at higher level. I never took it before the IB, so its rather new to me. Well, of course I don't know exactly which classes you'd need to take in order to do psychology in university. It is a science-humanities subject so I think it'd best if you could take a humanities at HL and Biology HL. The reason why I suggest you to take Biology HL is because some biology content do overlap with psychology. And the write-up skills in biology are also used in Psychology. (yes you have to do "write-ups" and design experiments unlike other group 3 subjects) People at my school who are
  15. HL Biology and Physics?? That is kind of strange. Biology and Physics is the total opposite. Biology = almost pure memorization, Physics = almost all maths. Its either Biology and Chemistry, or Physics and Chemistry. I would say...instead of physics do chemistry. Now, i might be sligthly biased cuz I love chemistry. But I think that it would look better on your transcript. And taking Chemistry, Biology and Maths HL (drop English if its uneccessary), you can do Medicine, since its the perfet combination for medical studies.
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