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  1. i'm also thinking about whether i should do music and english, since both are 3 marks away. I think it's possible, but it's unlikely
  2. for my school, most people got put down by 13-14 marks for the science IA's and maths IA's and damn...my teacher said i was getting a 17-18 for my MLI in music and i got a 10/20 :L
  3. for me...i just kept doing exercies from the textbook and then in the last two months kept doing papers
  4. i heard from people that this is the case since there's more people in the may session and therefore more people would do retakes in the november session, something like that? not sure if it's relevant though
  5. "A Pale view of hills" by Kazuo Ishiguro
  6. i did Beijing Opera and Romantic Opera
  7. is it possible to access those grade boundaries now? and when can I access the breakdown of my marks?
  8. i'm worried. no uk uni's have made offers with me :L
  9. I'M ALIVE. THANK GOD A1 English 5 Mandarin AB SL 7 Maths SL 7 Physics HL 6 Music HL 5 (DISAPPOINTED. but oh wells) Business HL 6 (THANK YOU GOD. THANK YOU) TOK D (Oh dear :L) EE A (seriously?) Total: 38/45. THANK GOD.
  10. how did u get ur results so early?!
  11. urgh, because b2 was on electromagnetic induction and stuff, i totally did not do that section. i did B1 and B4. i found B4 easier than the other sections atleast. URGH, worried now
  12. paper 1 was good but paper 2 was harder than ANY of the paper 2's i've done really worried right now....
  13. urgh. business and physics. there's just so much stuff to cover in business and so many theories to 'understand/memorise' in physics for me that is....cauz physics doesn't make sense to me :l
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