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  1. Ahh, i feel the exact same way!! Need a 7 so bad
  2. I found Paper 3 pretty good actually! The question about Alexander II reforms and Hitler's foreign policy especially! For my third essay I answered the question about the Alliance system and how it divided Europe into two camps that eventually made WWI more inevitable. Not too happy with it... Compared to past paper 3s, I think this was a fair one!
  3. I've just revised historiography for the Tsars, so here's the historians I'm going to use at least: Alexander II - J. Westwood: "With the exception of Kruschev, no Russian leader did so much to reduce the suffering of the Russian people." - T. Emmons: (about the emanicipation of the serfs) "The greatest piece of state-directed engineering in modern Europen history before the 20th century." - A. Rieber: Alexanders reforms was solely due to military needs - J. Greenville: (about the emanicipation of the serfs) "A cruel joke" - E. Crankshaw: (about Alexander II) "An inconsistent ruler without a
  4. Hey guys! I have an offer at university of Edinburgh for 34 points, however I'm afraid I'm going to miss it by one point (worst case scenario.) I was wondering if anyone knew the university's policy on this? Is it possible for me to still get in? I've heard from other students that they might be nicer because they want international students, especially from countries outside of EU because we pay full tuition. I don't know how true this is. What do you guys think?
  5. Hahahaha did exactly the same thing! it was stuck in my head for the rest of the exam... I was wondering what you guys answered on the last text, about the Nigerian culture, did they start a conversation about a personal matter or was it something else? That was really the only one I struggled with so I'm hoping that's a good sign.
  6. Thank youu! I ended up choosing something different and now I'm writing about the Spanish Civil war and the role of the non-intervention pact.
  7. Hey! I am starting my History IA and have decided upon two topics that I would like to write about. It's either "Did the purges in 1936-39 help establish Stalins power?" or "What role did Germany play in the outbreak of the war. Aggressor or victim?" It would be smart to write about Stalin because I'm not as confident on that part of the curriculum so it could be good for revision, also it would be within the interwar year period which means I might be able to use the knowledge on paper 1 (?)... However, I really want to write about Germany because the war guilt question is something that real
  8. Thank you! Thats a good suggestion, I'll reformulate it I want to write about how Mersaults indifference, emotional detachement and his lack of commitment to the unspoken rules is making him a stranger in society, thus creating a conflict. Lets hope my norwegian is better and I'll be able to state my arguments more clearly, haha
  9. Hey guys! I'm starting my written assignment in Norwegian A1 literature today, and I need some help with my research question. The Norwegian A1 course should be the same as all the other language A1 courses so I think anyone would be able to help. I've chosen to write about The Stranger by Albert Camus and right now my rq is: How does conformity create a conflict between Mersault and society? However, I'm not really sure if it's a good question or not. What do you think? I want to write something about conformity in The Stranger but as you can see I can't seem to find the perfect rq. So if you
  10. Thank you! Im trying to investigate if there is a relationship between students performance in school, their parents years of education and family income..
  11. Haha, they are in norwegian kroners. I'll make one in USD and post it here later sorry
  12. Hi! I was wondering if anyone would like to fill in my survey, its for my math IA It's going to ask you about your parents income/years of education, I know a lot of people may not know this but please try to estimate. If you have no clue what so ever, then please write your parents proffessions instead where it tells you to. http://www.surveymonkey.com/s/Z72TV95 It would help me a lot so thank you sooo much!
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