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  1. it depents of your subjects you take. I have all the three sciences, chem and bio at HL and physics at SL. In IB the biggest rule is to work hard. You have to make time to sudy. As Ezak said, instead of sitting at your computer for three hours doing basically nothing, you can better go studying.
  2. chemistry and biology HL. espetially the chemistry is a killer
  3. The math books should have a cd if I'm not mistaken. Further the book for economics and chemistry that I have, have one as well. But those are the only ones. It is nice to have them on my tablet, I dont need to carry them.
  4. i miss reading normal books and having time to watch one movie
  5. no money + friends studying for an exam or partying with friends
  6. you know you're in IB when for everything you do you ask: how many CAS points to I get for this?
  7. what is the funniest joke you remember? or what is the most stupid joke you have ever heard?
  8. i speak english as well. surprising right ? does anyone speak slovak here. i would love to hear my language for a while again
  9. yes. i dont think that i could spend a whole week reading this. what was the most awkward moment in your life so far?
  10. like someone she hated most
  11. I want to study medicine as well. I am taking all the three sciences, because the university I am applying to will otherwise reject. I have to take bio and chem at hl and physics and math at sl. It will be good if you take math sl and not studies. And the languages dont matter that much.
  12. you can try to do 4HLs, and you can drop one of them during the year. Just try how it is going and than decide if it is too much work.
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