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  1. I'm almost done year one while also doing a part-time job on the side and if I was fine then you will be, too. Just value each subject every night as part of your homework; even if you don't have English to do that night just re-read some notes, solve a math equation every so often - it's the small things that keep you on top. Oh and get a dang agenda. I don't know how I stay alive without one but I do.
  2. Hi everyone! In my biology class we're studying the dominance of traits, and whether it is autosomal or sex-linked. I would REALLY appreciate it if you completed it too! The demographic is basically anyone with a tongue... you'll find out why when you click HERE!! Thanks:)
  3. the idea's pretty cool. I'm not sure if i've got it right myself, but try making knowledge the subject in some possible way. maybe in this case, our senses tell us that specific graffiti work looks good but we don't wish to recognize it in a positive sense because of law? so in that case something to do with perception and how we know or gain knowledge. you get what i'm talking about? so possibly 'to what extent is it justifiable to rely on perception as a way of knowing to obtain knowledge?' so this could have been derived from an RLS where people of town x loved some unique graffiti but th
  4. So, my teacher sprung the TOK presentation on us and we have a week to complete it. Yes, a week. I've decided to go alone on this one to pursue my interests pertaining to the arts, and I have a great idea for my knowledge question but I don't know how to word it properly. I want to look into the controversy of ill-placed art such as graffiti, and whether art placed illegally is still art. Or something like that. RLS: Banksy's work which is controversial (for those who do not know, he is a graffiti artist who makes AMAZING eye opening work but ticks people off because it is also vandalizatio
  5. Thanks that helps! I'll wait and ask my teacher after the break for further clarification
  6. For a part of my project I need to draw or photograph a formal colour organic piece. One thing - I don't know what this means. I understand that organic basically means found in nature, so I need your help in confirming: Does this mean I would photograph or draw something that has natural colour? -so I wouldn't edit it in B&W? I wouldn't use charcoal, per say, to draw it? And I need you help in understanding Shaded/line negative space.. I just really have no clue for that one. It's my Christmas break right now and I can't ask my teacher. I don't need immediate replies but it's due in half
  7. My TOK class is part of my World Religions class instead of English, because it's my WR teacher who has the TOK training. Does this mean that my TOK essay will have to be an essay about world religions? Like are you TOK essays about a book you read in English or something?
  8. Have all the stuff there for you. For example, study break snacks in a bowl beside you - should be healthy snacks too - and any pens, rulers, calculators, or extra paper you may need. Get it all with you before you start studying so you don't have to go and get something every ten minutes.
  9. IB's got a load of them - acronyms I mean. And frankly I don't understand 75% of them. I know TOK - theory of knowledge EE - extended essay IA - internal assessment ... I think that's it. Can you guys help me out?
  10. two thousand hours what did she like, govern a third world country for a month or something I will wear seven hats on my head and take them all off for her
  11. Thanks for the info on UofT! And actually I think you don't need teacher's college to teach in other countries - but if I were to teach in my own area I would. It's confusing haha, still trying to figure it out. But even if I wanted to teach ESL in other countries it would be smart to go to teacher's college too as a back up kinda thing
  12. I'm interested in teaching ESL later in life, preferably teaching in different countries as I know it's really hard to find a job where I live now. Is anyone else interested too? Just curious as to what universities you're applying to, etc.
  13. I'm completely disgusted. I don't know how the US justice system works - morally, they should obviously have some sort of punishment. They felt it was justified to do it because they were bored. That's all they were thinking - or rather they weren't thinking at all. It just amazes me that they were bored and actually found/had a gun to fiddle around with. They could have been suicidal and interested in death (depressed, who knows, psych students help me out hahaha) but by no means had any right to do anything like that! Even though this is still crule and wrong, they're in Oklahoma; I'm sure t
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