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  1. So I have to hand in my finalised topic for my Extended Essay in physics sometime within the next few days, my supervisor liked the idea of doing something in musical physics and so I wanted to look at saxophone reeds... The only thing is that I don't really know where to go from there. I can't find any information or resources or anything on saxophone reeds and my teacher says that is a good thing and means that my topic will be creative, but it has just made it very hard for me to narrow the topic down.... If there is any suggestions on how to narrow down the topic it would be very very much
  2. I'm not doing it as an online course, but I'm in a similar position because basically my teacher sucks and we have to teach everything to ourselves... ugh. All I can say is make sure you have the proper ib psychology guide (like the syllabus outline one) because it tells you everything you will need to know and get the one of the good study guides/textbooks online (I recommend the study guide by Hannibal). That's really all the help I can give you (sorry), except to just learn EVERY syllabus point off by heart. Hoped that helped at least a little
  3. nope, just your IB diploma/exam results
  4. In Australia school is pretty relaxed... like we still say 'Mrs______' or 'Mr________' but the student/teacher relationship is quite friendly, like everyone just jokes around, including teachers. When teachers get comfortable with a class they might sit on the desk when they're teaching and occasionally use "rude" words (not in an agressive way, but like playfully), however there is always a level of respect, we still look up to the teachers and don't really mouth-off. One thing I do think is weird though, when we leave a classroom the students always leave before the teacher, and so when you
  5. At my school, someone wanted to do 'representations of death in the harry potter series', but they where told to pick one or two of the books, but really it depends on what you/your school thinks will work best.
  6. I do both, and trust me HL Chem is much worse.... it is the bane of my existence! I find the physics is less work (though is still A LOT of work) but once you have the concepts and definitions, you are fine. Chem on the other hand requires a lot of concepts, rope learning, definition and work, so for me I find it quite a bit harder. But in the end it's up to you... What do you enjoy most? Would you rather go through 2 years of physics or 2 years of chem?
  7. I understand that most people are told to steer clear of Shakespeare but I was wondering, does that include contrasts between say 'Romeo and Juliet' and another extremely modern book? I was thinking of contrasting/comparing the romantic tragedy in 'Romeo and Juliet' to a novel by John Green.
  8. omg I was tossing up whether to do my EE on John Green or another author that I really enjoy and I just clicked that link and I know this may seem really stupid, but I think I now HAVE to choose John Green because the person who wrote the EE from the link has the same last name (and its not exactly a common last name, at least where I live...). I may sound like an idiot, but I was having a real hard time deciding and now I know what to do It's fate!
  9. If I only had 24 hours to live I would probably try and spend it at my favourite place, a quiet little beach about 1 1/2 hours outside of Sydney, surrounded by my family, friends and good music (mainly the wombats ). I think what I would want most would be a lot of laughter and fun, because if it was my last day I would like to end it on a high. If you were given US$1,000,000 and were given two days to use it, what would you spend it on?
  10. So I am considering doing my EE in english, I'm doing the Language and Literature coarse, and though english may not be my best subject, I think I would enjoy writing my EE on it (more than other subjects anyway). I have been thinking about either writing about the works of Dr. Seuss, John Green's "The fault in our stars" or maybe George RR Martin's "A Game of Thrones" but I don't know what i should be looking at, or how to get a proper topic. If anyone has any suggestions, it would be much appreciated
  11. 1. Jemima 2. Spanish ab 3. English I will pm my facebook/twitter/email address if you speak spanish and want to improve your English
  12. j-mims

    First Chem IA

    The other day we were given our first IA for chem and our teacher hasn't given us a layout or anything like that. I'm a bit stuck because I have done all the information but I don't know if my layout is right... Is there a certain way that we are supposed to lay it out, or do we just throw all the information together? Its due this week and I am beginning to get worried. Thanks.
  13. Australian (with some irish and scottish mixed in)
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