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  1. You have to answer only two question in section B, no? ooh sorry, you might be SL. no, you cannot answer three questions. You have to answer only one. If you answer all three of them, then the examiner will count the first question that appears in section B.
  2. And cellular respiration possibly.
  3. I literally failed p2. FML
  4. I felt exactly the same. P1 was easy but P2 was terrible. No way I will get a seven.
  5. For me I have a very silly way to remember the plant phylum. BoyFriend CAps. I have no idea how I came up with this, but it helps me remember the order of them. B stands for bryophyte, F stands for filicinophyta, C stands for coniferophytes and A stands for angiospermophyta. As for animal phylum, I remember it the way I pronounce it in my mother tongue. In Turkish, the letter "C" is pronounced just like the letter "J" in English. So I remember it as "PiCPAMA" (PiJPAMA). It sounds like pyjama ut with a "P" between J and A. Alternatively, you can just remember the letters "P-C-P-A-M-A". P->
  6. At least you know it cant really affect your results good luck for tomorrow!
  7. If I remember rightly, it comes from the fact that the probability becomes extremely small after 10^6. Therefore, it does not really matter whether you have the upper bound as 10^6 or 10^9999999. It is practically the same. The difference is like 0.000000000001. As you need three sig fig and lets say three decimal places, you could use either value. I hope it helps Let me know if you dont get it.
  8. Egos

    drawing a graph

    You're welcome buddy!
  9. Egos

    drawing a graph

    I think in the mark scheme, it means that if there is a line in the designated circle, then a mark will be awarded. Let's say there is a circle around (3,2). In the exam for example you rushed and your line did not actually cross (3,2); however, your line was very near it. In this case, you will be awarded a point if your line falls in the designated circle. I hope it helps
  10. Yeah, my coordinator told us the same today, maybe they realised it's a total waste of paper if every day some amount of candidates make a mistake and throw the whole booklet away So don't worry, you'll be fine, especially that it is only your school's number that you got wrong, not you own. Thanks for the reply! I feel so much relieved now! I suppose it will be fine then.
  11. I hope so buddy! I may try doing that tomorrow after maths paper 2. Thanks for the advice!
  12. Hi everyone! Today, I had my Maths SL Paper 1. I study at EaB International - The Victor Hugo School in Paris, France. Accidentally, I wrote my candidate number wrong. Instead of writing 1443-011 I wrote 0443-011. I told my IB co-ordinator, who told me to darken a stick one as there are now digital numbers used. I could not change my answer booklet because I wrote my candidate session number at the end of my examination. I handed my exam in with a darkened stick one. However, it kind of looks like a zero. I am extremely worried that I may not be eligible to receive my diploma.
  13. http://www.ibsurvival.com/topic/24081-maths-sl-preparation-for-2013-exam/ Check my post!
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